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Who's coming to G2G2?


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I'm coming, sleeping inside and I am Compo's AG in Guides and Rangers. Have also run brownies in the past too.


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Me i'm coming and i'm one of your FA's :) and i do whats listed in my sig cos i am too lazy to repeat!


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I'm Kirsty, I'm sleeping inside and I used to run a Brownie unit, but I appear to be helping Clare's Guide unit! oooh! and I helped (a bit!) at Rainbows tonight too!


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I'm coming too.....I'm camping in Bo's tent, and I'm a Guide GiC and Ranger AG (and I do a few things in the guise of assistant Div Com - but without the title)

See you all Friday!!! :D

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I'm the other first aider and I'll be in a ridiculously big tent, but not as ridiculously big as the one I camped in at Bounce! I'm a Rainbow Guider and keep dodging when my DC mutters about needing a Guide Guider to finish off "the set" in our area - we have Rainbows and Brownies but then no Guides so they all scatter to the 4 winds at 10 wich is an awful shame!