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Official Info: Who's Going


General Dogsbody
1 TJ Paid
2 Hanseeingred Paid
3 ER776 Paid
4 Balderick24 Paid
5 Dollypip Balance
6 Sliceofrice Balance
7 Epona Balance paid
8 kittys-butterfly paid
9 Smartie Balance paid
10 Dawny Balance paid
11 JayJay Balance
12 Dolphin-brownie Balance Paid
13 TanyaLasange Balance paid
14 Katiew Deposit
15 Foxy77 balance paid
16 Hilzo Balance Paid
17 *ali* Balance paid
18 BAWRG Balance paid
19 laurad82 Balance paid
20 Growly Wench Balance Paid
21 Kathyrnha Balance paid
22 Beccasooty Balance paid
23 Jennthedeadfunkyranger Balcance paid
24 Victoria Balance
25 Purpleellen Balance paid
26 GuidingKB Deposit
27 Smiley Paid
28 Elfowl Balance paid
29 BO Balance paid
30 Blue_Dreamer Balance Paid
31 Lynz balance paid
32 Tawny75 Balacne paid
33 Compoguide Balance paid
34 Livinginafairytale balance paid
36 HollyBlue Paid
37 Senry Balance paid
39Cazably Paid
40Lette Paid

If you have Deposit after your name we have recieved your deposit similarly for Balance Paid
Place held are for those who are sending deposit via cheque , bank transfer or who have spoken to us ,
Some people have expressed an interest to come but we havn't recieved deposits, but atm there are still places available

Hope this helps
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Rainbow Guider...still official nutcase
I love how Zan gets her real name instead of Foxy77! Very posh ;)
Hahaha - that's what I thought! Maybe I'm special ;)

But yey to the list! Glad I've finally got onto one (think my last one was G2G4?)


Guide Guider, Nottingham
Staff member
Looking forward to this! My first G2G, and couldn't miss it as it's local! Can't wait to meet some of you!