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Official Info: Who's Going


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aggrrhhh just realised I've double booked myself as its the District Brownie weekend as well ... my own fault as I hadn't put G2G on the calendar as I hadn't actually told OH about it yet, uhumm, was waiting for an opportune moment. :O( :O(

TJ/Ben/Emma .... have emailed the gmail address to let you know as well ... gutted ...


pre-warranted GiC
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But so is Ryan Giggs, and he is a mean boy!
Just joking..its a shame but I'm sure we'll all meet up sometime soon x x


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aha nope a Cardiff girl me :) its actually my dd who is called Cerys though !

I left home to work in England when I was 18 ... should hear me when I talk to my sister on the phone or go home for the weekend (all my family are still in Cardiff and my mum was the youngest of 10 children so its a huge extended family!) it all just comes out again. Found I was doing it at G2G Wales with Dizzy, Chandra and Smiley too ... then I get back and it fades again.


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Finally actually booked this weekend off, so I can pay now!
I might be working the Friday though so not able to get upto the G2G site until about 10pm...


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Just checking my money arrived as the start of this thread says I've only paid a deposit and I know I've paid it all?