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Official Info: Who's Going !!!


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I'm not setting out until 4 ish as I still need to finish packing, sort house and food for the weekend (to avoid a grumpy OH when I come back!!) and give dog his afternoon walk. Also don't want to leave DD at home for long on her own but hopefully OH will get home early from work as planned.

Guessing my hour journey on M25 will be more like 2 at that time, but hey ho, see you all soon :)


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I'm expecting to spend time parked on the M25 unless I feel brave enough to negotiate unknown local roads. I'll get there eventually, there is no rush. Just have the kettle boiled ready for the necessary cuppa on arrival.


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Just checked the state of the M25 and the accidents are all in my area and even I am missing them as I will join from M23 where teh current traffic flow is 14mph. Might have to reconsider that decision.

Edit, just realised the 14mph is anti-clockwise and I am going clockwise today.


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I'm in the same position as you ElfOwl. May have to get some food en route as I can't leave till 5. Oh the joys of the m25!