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Wide Game help?!


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Anyone here good at designing wide games? I need some ideas/inspiration: I have a 1km hike around fields and woods for my Brownies to walk on Pack Hol, and I'd like to do an incident hike with collecting 'Fantastic Beasts' at various points. The points would have to be unmanned but I can set up clues/posters beforehand. What can I get the girls to do?


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Your beast is very shy and is watching you from the bushes, unsure whether to come out. Convince him that you are kind and friendly by listing lots of ways of being thoughtful.

Use natural materials to make a scooter / chair / bed for your beast.

Show how you would communicate (these messages) to a beast who does not speak English.

Prepare a short scene showing what happened when your beast was over-excited on a visit to the supermarket / insert funnier place here.

Your beast does not understand the Brownie promise / country code / insert topic so draw pictures to explain it. (He can't read.)

Create a song to sing when your beast needs to calm down.

I usually put in a first aid challenge so they could bandage a beast or put a plaster on him etc.

You could also hide gold coins along the route and the team that finds most wins a little prize.