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Wonderland Challenge


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Wonderland Challenge

And now for something completely different, we have taken a different slant on a challenge badge.


If you can't view this picture of the actual badge you will need to either log into the site or request it from the email address on the attached PDF

After a century of Guiding we started thinking about time, and being late and then the White Rabbit came to mind. It was then we decided that our theme for camp this year would be Alice in Wonderland and we have come up with so many interesting and fun ideas for the camp that we couldn’t fit them into our timetable, and a lot of them were not so easy to do at camp as opposed to a guide meeting.

We then thought that our girls not attending Camp could also enjoy the learning and fun that we have managed to get out of this wonderful book and also achieve this challenge badge at the same time, we then realised that as we have enjoyed so many other challenges in the past few years from guiders across the country we would give back; by creating a fun badge with quirky differences and yet still enough learning.

This timeless classic is still a favourite for the girls and you can let your imagination run wild with a few of these challenges or maybe use these ideas as inspiration to develop others and feel free to put your own parameters on how many challenges you do with the girls before you allow them to have the badge.

This challenge now being extended until December 2017 so to not disapoint those who want to use it over the summer. Please ignore the date on the order form.


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Lovely ideas, we are doing Alice in Wonderland for our pack hol. in Noveember. You have now solved our problems on what to do and now have a badge to work for.
Great thanks


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wow - and with alice in wonderland being really topical because latest dvd you should do well with your challenge - your challenge is unbelievably good and cross sectional too - will have a think if we can squeeze it in to next term's meetings :) ps> as soon as you can, can you let us know costing of the badges? thanks

don't forget to get your challenge and badge added to my camp blanket

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Love the badge - how much are they and what is the income being used for?

Would love this as a Pack Holiday theme, we did it about 4 years ago and the girls loved it, so maybe it's time to reuse!


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hiya the price is £1 per badge; its all on the badge order form at the end.
once i have had Guide Camp i may well post the activities we did too.
I've decided im gonna do it with the brownies.... i live really close to you, perhaps i could meet you at the end of a meeting etc to save on postage and buy the badges!! PM Me!