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Question? working on ylq before actually taking position


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I have a girl as a Rainbow helper atm - she plans to become our YL but I have advised her to get her baden powell first -she will be 14 in april - would it be ok if i got her the YLQ to start looking at and can things she does now count towards it even though she won't be leaving guides until end of year?
Thanks in advance!


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Do you really 'need' to give her it right now? I wouldn't...

Let her do her Baden Powell (if she wants to) then once she's sTarted actually helping you introduce the qualification... There's so rush!


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Yep have to agree with Kerstee .. my DD has just finished BP and is a brownie helper (and has been for years) but really needed time to do her BP properly and actually enjoy doing it rather than rushing /squishing it all in to what is a busy few years at school. She is now reclassified on GO so that her volunteering counts for her bronze d of e and after that she can think about YLQ ... if she is still keen.


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It's brilliant that she's keen, and you're keen to facilitate her progress finishing as a guide and moving on to Senior Section roles.

But, it doesn't need to be overly rushed.
One element of her BP Challenge is to investigate Senior Section options, and think about what she might want to do ..... so she'll naturally be looking for the info over the next few months anyway.

In terms of stuff from now counting before she's officially started ........ I definitely wouldn't accept anything done before she's 14, as that's the minimum age range for the section. Strictly speaking, she should finish her BP, have all that signed off as a guide, then started in Senior Section ...... in this type of scenario, it's not just because she's "not allowed" to do both sections at once, more that you really do need to switch from being a guide to being a leader (YL), and that's a mindset-change as much (if not more so) than mere ages or uniforms. She's got four years to complete it, so it's not rush ........ yes, there may be a unit or meeting take place the night before she's officially a YL on GO that would be a brilliant one to count, and I'd not argue over a couple of hours :) But it's what she does & how, not how quickly, that I'd be more excited about.


My answer is basically no.

In order to be eligible to finish BP, she has to be a registered member of the Guide unit. So she can't become a YL until her BP is completed, or she would risk invalidating it. And she can't start working on YLQ until she is at least 14, and registered as a YL. So by all means she can look at the book, and there's no reason why she can't be thinking up ideas so that she's ready to get going as soon as she is old enough and her YL registration comes through - but she cannot start actually doing the clauses until she is old enough and has moved to Senior Section.


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thanks - it's my first yl so wanted to make sure i was doing it right = i have shown her the beginning to lead but wasn't sure if i should be doing more - but it seems what i am already doing is enough! much appreciated everyone! x


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It's great that she's keen and you don't want to crush that, so let her think of her BH role as gaining experience before she becomes a YL :)

I have a new Browne Helper who is 13, she asked if she could come and help so that she could get some experience before she becomes a Young Leader - I think it's a great attitude!

No need for her to start working on the YLQ yet, but she can still do similar things within the unit. That way when it comes to the YLQ, she'll be ready with lots of ideas :)