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Would you like to do my food craft?


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I probably won't join in as I always eat way too much rubbish at G2Gs, but I am interested to see how you do them - if I can get creme eggs, it'll be something for us to do at our Guide Hallowe'en party


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Quick request - could somebody (or indeed a couple of somebodies) coming by car bring a a rolling pin or two please? And maybe a chopping board?


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If I remember, I can bring my rolling pin but OH might throw a fit if I take away the chopping board. Just gone to look and there is a smaller one tucked away that doesn't get used (not much smaller). WIll go and put it upstairs where he can't see it and complain.


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I am soooo blonde, clearly the kitchen at the site will have a chopping (or ten if my local Pack Hol house is anything to go buy!) I can purloin. Just the rolling pins will be fine , thanks guys :)


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Oooh, count me in on the craft please!

I may be able to bring a rolling pin if I come by car, will try and remember if I can!


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Just wondering ... would it not be better to ask everyone to bring their own creme egg if they want to have a go? Looks like you are going to be spending a fortune otherwise!?


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The only place i would have thought you might be able to get creame eggs is at the cash and carry, which would require buying in bulk, therefore making it easier for one person to get. But we can chip in towards the cost if required