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WOWW - Hats off to you!


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Hi Everyone,
Here in Tasmanian this year we have holding a WOWW event (Women of Wonder Weekend) this is for all adult members in Girl Guides Tasmanian.
The theme this year is Hats off to you! We are trying to encourage our adults to appreciate themselves and others for what we do, also twisting the hat portion of the theme to a Alice in Wonderland/Mad Hatter event.

So for adults do you have any ideas for little quirks, treats or something to set mood and atmosphere?

We will also need patrol names.


<3 kat


Could you dish out white paper/polystyrene bowls, strips of crepe paper and staplers, so each participant can make a 'hat' - then during the event they could add on stickers/pins to mark each activity participated in/award gained/skill mastered - how many pins can they collect on their hat?