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You'll be needing this!!


ooooh Im now Brownies GiC!!
Please please can you let anyone whos coming and hasn't been online for a bit know about this thread!!
For those of you coming to G2G2 ONLY i'm afraid!! Here is your Health form, we are asking for you to complete and bring with you on the weekend. Place the form in a sealed envelope with your name and username on the front and hand to Smartie or T-Bird Anni (your first aiders for the weekend!) as soon as you see them please!! They will only be opened in an emergency and will be handed back to you on Sunday.
Can you please make sure you let us know of any illnesses/allergies/important info you think we need to know! :)
Also just to make sure can you all write on the back of the envelope whether you agree to *hugs* in times of homesickness, gettin lost on the orienteering or reachign breaking point as you complete the clauses for the challenge badge ;)



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thanks alli, i'd missed this. Although i'm not sure there's much any of you can do about my moments of insanity anyway :p


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ok, will do
im now getting worried about this challenge,
would i be able to pass the challenge as im only staying for one night now?
so excited now, really looking forward to meeting you all, have printed the forms off for Tawny75 and myself, I have to look after her form as she has a brain like a sieve!!


Bananaface :oD
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not yet, if I do it now, I'll put it somewhere safe, not worry about it again until I get there and realised I don't know where my safe place is anymore!


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Does it look bad on me that my completed last week health form envelope has a few minor red wine stains on it?

Had a spillage incident, but only a little bit got wasted you'll be glad to know!


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hahaha dawny!

i filled mine in last night wen i got home, then looked at it this morning...hmm i don't think i was very good at writing last night! even i can't read it! better do another...