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Question? Young leader qualification - age limit


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Hi All
Would anyone be able to answer if there is a maximum age limit on completing the ylq? Basically I have two girls, both just turned 16, who have been working in units for 2 years and, although they almost started, have never recorded any information for the YLQ. Can they still do this qualification or is it too late?



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They can do it at any time while they're Young Leaders - so up to 18. However, as they're 16, if they wish they could start on the ALQ instead - it's up to them


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That is how I read it on the internet, thanks for confirming. The girls were told they couldn't do it now and they don't really want to do the adult one yet, but if they can complete up to 18 I will get them started.


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As others have said, they can do their YLQ at any point until they are 18. I would encourage YLs to do their YLQ first as it covers some of the parts of the ALQ anyway, and they get two badges!