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Question? Young leaders and multi-section events...


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I'm interested to know what you do with regard to costs for your YLs to attend events - particularly when they are also Rangers.

For a couple of District activities this year, our YL is invited to attend both via her Ranger unit, and in conjunction with us as a Guide unit. The Big Gig for example - we are buying tickets as a District and have extended the invitation to all the Guides and all the Senior Section members - YLs and Rangers.

The Rangers have been told, like the Guides, that the cost will be £30 for the ticket, plus up to £10 for transport, TBC nearer the time (when we know whether we have enough girls to justify a coach or will be going by train or minibus). But for the first time, we are lucky enough to have a YL - and she is also a Ranger. Our unit will cover the cost of the leaders' tickets from our gift aid, so we only have to pass on to the Guides the face value of their ticket and a share of the travel.

But should we cover the cost of our YL's ticket as well, even though she is coming with her Ranger cohort. And what if the other Rangers decided that they don't want to come, but YL still wants to come with us.

What about District summer camp - if the other Rangers come we'll offer to facilitate a TSS-focussed programme and I would naturally expect her to want to be involved in that more than 'just' being a supervising leader with the Guides. But if she turns out to be the only one, we won't do very much particularly special for her and she'll mostly just muck in with the leaders, as she normally does.

She's 17, nearly 18 - would it be different if she had just turned 14?

I'm really interested to know what other people do. Particularly as in 18 months my daughter is planning to join me as our YL, and I want to have a set policy in place before it turns into a friends-and-family thing. If we say that we'll pay for everything our YL does, I want to be seen to be doing that for another YL, before it happens to be my daughter wearing the badge.


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For me, it's simple. If they come as a YL, that is, to work with the girls in the unit, then she is treated like an adult for cost purposes. That's not saying she can't sleep in the same area (if overnight) or have any down time with the Rangers, but if they choose to come as a helper then they are treated as such.

If they choose to come with Rangers, they pay whatever rangers are paying. The section she helps at cannot expect her help if she's decided that on this occasion she is attending as a participant, although she may choose to help out a bit...

I know some groups who pay for their YL but contact the parents saying if X,Y happens, eg the YL spent the whole time messing around with her friends rather than helping then the full fee will be payable, with some even insisting on a cheque in advance which they would only cash in said circumstance...


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I know that is the logical thing. I just find it hard to implement sometimes, when there is a lot of overlap. Big Gig, I went with saying that as long as she’s travelling with us, we’ll pay for the ticket: if she arrives separately because the Rangers decide to make it a sleepover then we can’t rely on her to be there if we need her. But if she is coming on the coach with us, with just one or two Ranger friends (they’re a small group and her friends are YLs in other units) the chances are that we’ll effectively gain one or two bonus YLs rather than lose ours.

I think I mostly feel guilty - she is a great YL and at unit meetings does exactly what we do as over 18 leaders, and I’m not quibbling about paying for our tickets, even though we’re effectively going as much because we’ll enjoy it as because we’re leaders. We only technically need two of us there to meet ratios, but all three of us fancy going so we will. Three groups of 6 are easier to keep track of than two of 9, but it isn’t essential... I feel that I’m effectively discriminating against her on the basis of age when on a weekly basis it so rarely makes a difference.

Maybe I’d feel differently if the Guides were keen to go but we weren’t, and we were drawing straws to see who had to go... I also think it feels different because it isn’t just our unit. I didn’t even think of asking her to pay when we did a unit day trip to London and I asked the Guides to pay for the travel costs.

I’m not normally a ditherer!


If she is travelling with the Rangers and sitting with the Rangers, then she is there as a Ranger participant.

If she is going to be helping you supervise your unit then she is there as a helper, the fact she also gets to enjoy the activity is incidental. It doesn't matter whether helpers are essential to maintain the bare minimum ratios, or whether you have opted to have more generous staffing than the bare minimum permitted.