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Young Leaders - what do you need?


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I have just asked her...

I'm not sure if she can't find her and has looked, or if she thought it would be simpler to find her through her ex-unit.


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one other thing is middle names, unless I put in the name exactly like it is on the system I get no records found, usually because I am searching for them before I have full details back (i.e. just DOB First & Last names) but because I don't have their middle name and its in the system I can access it.
Don't know if that will help


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i think only DC's can add Young Leaders onto GO, i know that i was added by my DC even though i was a guide at the same unit

when i started as a young leader one thing i would have loved to have more information on is what was expected of me in the unit. and how to work with the girls as individuals and to help them develop etc. i did got to some county section trainings but i always felt really awkward as i was the only young leader in a room full of adult leaders! so training sessions with fellow YL's would have been great!