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    I'm a Guider... Part 59

    I'm a Guider getting very frustrated by other leaders not playing by the rules.. but my new scouting family seem happy to have me! Though I am a guider getting very excited about my plans for my new Ranger unit!
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    I'm a ..... Guider Part 58!

    yep! that's what Ive been trying to tell them since I joined them in October!!! The old LIC used to order craft kits from baker ross and do nothing else, so that's what they thought they had to do!
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    I'm a ..... Guider Part 58!

    I'm a guider who has had a massive breakthrough with the rainbow leaders, and managed to persuade them we don't have to do craft every week!! now to plan an amazing, totally craft free evening for next week.. Also a guider who needs to say a massive thanks to the explorers for building and...
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    Researching into after school clubs!

    Hello lovely ladies! I'm doing a research paper looking at parents views of their primary school aged (5-11 y/o) children's after school clubs. If you're a parent and could spare a few minutes could you please fill out my survey?! Or if you know anyone who you could send it on to I'd very...
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    I'm a Guider... Part 56

    i'm a guider who hasn't been on here in aaaaaaaaaaaaaages, but who can't sleep for the third night in a row and has a pretty busy day tomorrow D: i'm also a guider debating whether it's a good idea to actually go on the joint SSAGO walking weekend on Friday or not..
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    14 to 26 is just too much

    I've sort of skimmed through this thread so sorry if I say anything that someone else has already covered, but this is something I had been thinking about too. I was the only one from my guide unit that went on to rangers, and I was a yl at brownies. when I got to 16ish I was also helping out...
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    Extra Hour

    I slept! stormy weather and our leaky kitchen kept half of my flat awake most of the night, I went to sleep at about 5 in the end and woke up at 3 this afternoon! good job my lecture tomorrow isn't until 3 because my sleeping pattern now is really messed up!
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    Proof of Age Card

    I looked into getting a cheaper id like the citizen card when I started uni but heard from loads of people that they don't get accepted because they don't look official, but they are much cheaper than a passport or provisional. if it could wait until she's eligible for an nus cad I would...
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    Dream Catchers

    or you can just wrap the thread round the bangle especially if with younger ones or you could use ribbon so you use less thread.. I tried making these with brownies and they didn't get the knotting, although, neither did my rangers so maybe it's just me! but the knot I use is like if you have...
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    Dream Catchers

    ^^ that's the basic way I've done it, but the more complicated way is using cheep metal bangles (we got them from Claires accessories last time reduced because there was 1 missing!) and then knotting embroidery thread around them, then making a bit of a spiders web with more embroidery thread...
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    I'm a ... guider part 52

    i'm a guider still in bed mwahahahahaaa!! I'm a guider who has nearly unpacked everything, just a few random bits to do! I'm a guider who's not sure how I've become the mum, washing up fairy and baker of our flat.. but I do think picking up ready meal rice from the hall carpet outside my...
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    Dream Catchers

    I know of a couple of ways to make them.. which section are you hoping to do them with as one is super easy peasy and one is trickier..
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    I'm a ... guider part 52

    i'm a guider who is excitedly nervous about tomorrow when I leave for uni! I still have loads of stuff to do though! D: I'm a guider that had fun tonight though at my friends engagement drinks. strange to think that the first time I met her I was a guide on my first camp and she was a leader!!
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    Can my mum sign things off?

    I was told yes, but if someone else can do it that would be better, otherwise you could end up with half your book signed off my your mum without actually doing any of it.. not saying anyone would do that, but it is a possibility! but with mine my mum signed off the Go training bit as she went...
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    I'm a ... guider part 52

    I'm a guider with an unwanted cold.. anyone else want it?! I'm a guider that instead of packing has spent the last half hour trying to find my badge tabs.. they are empty though on the plus side! I'm a guider who had a good night at my last guide panto rehearsal last night, and can safely...