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    Question? Songs for Rainbow promises

    We sing the colours of the rainbow song (re and yellow and pink and green, orange etc) and insert the new Rainbows name, singing, for example Sophie wants to be be a Rainbow, be a Rainbow, be a Rainbow Guide. We then use the song again for Pot of Gold and this time sing, Sophie wants to be a...
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    Queen's Diamond Jubilee ideas

    We've got some London Character pen holders to make (kits from Baker Ross), Union Jack Windmills (also Baker Ross) and we're playing Queenie, Queenie who's got the ball and pin the crown on the queen!
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    Just taking over as a Rainbows leader - any ideas welcome

    Hi everyone, I have just taken over a Rainbow's unit that was about to close down and would welcome any help with ideas on activities to keep our Rainbows busy. This site looks full of enthusiastic people. Thanks in advance for any tipe. Buzzwoody66