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  • Oh my goodness I am so sorry, you must think me dreadfully rude. I've only just read your message to me. I am assuming that you have now got an East Ren county badge. If not I would be happy to help.

    Hope everything is going well.
    Just a quick message. I think you ordered some badges from ben (balderick 24). If you did and still want them, can you let me know and we can sort out payment and where to send them to.
    Progressing slowly but surely and not a yoghurt in sight!!! Getting a bit frustrated that I can't do what I want to as leg and arm don't cooperate!!! After just a short trip into town yesterday for new tyres with hubby I had to have a 2 hour nap as I was totally exhausted. and my memory is a bit dodgy!!!! I have been told all these symptoms will improved but typical of me I want them to resolve NOW!!!!
    Hi been out of the way for a while, will get hold of an Inverness-Shire badge for you and let you know when i have it, none spare at the moment, but will aquire one if you still need

    Hi, Its Brownies I am involved in. I went along to help with a craft activity and they have held me prisoner ever since as a unit helper. Brown Owl is leaving and both assistant guiders volunteered me as the new Brown Owl. So thought I better start doing my ALQ and all that. Pretty much running tha pack now although I take over officially after the summer. We only have brownies in the village no rainbows or guides. There was a couple of ladies keen to set up Rainbows but they appeared to get little support so gave up on the idea.

    South Ayrshire is doing a march through ayr finishing with a big party in the Citidel, would be nice to have had an outdoor thing but knowing the weather it might be the better option. I don't know whats organised as I haven't prised all the paperwork out of their hands yet

    Crafty Owl
    captain, my captain!!! Hi from the Shire. Glad you got home ok, looking forward to seeing your pics. Hope your still giggling over the campfire shenannigans!!
    Hi garlic-girl!

    Great to meet you this weekend, hope you had a safe journey home.

    Hee Hee Hee....
    Do you really think I am going to tell you!!!???
    All I will tell is that we are doing a Guiders Go For It...and some of the modules are...

    Best Shaker in town
    Eye, Eye!
    Musical Gosts...
    and I'm not telling you any more!!

    Hi there,
    read your post about Rainbows. I'm a Rainbow Leader in Inverness-shire, although not the GIC I do all the planning, organising and programme as well as paperwork, accounts, fundraising etc as the GIC basically can't really be bothered ! She is leaving at the end of term so I will be GIC offically. We have been running for 5 years so if you want any help please get in touch , you will soon pick up loads of ideas on here. If there are any other Rainbow units around you could possible see if you can do a resources share scheme and visit them to see how they run their meetings to give you some on the spot training as it were. Good Luck You'll be great.
    Denise :)
    If I only knew what I was doing with a computer keyboard in front of me!

    In 2010 Cdn Guiding will be 100 years old; I was enrolled as a girl when we were 50 years old - my plan is to retire about 15 months from now.

    Please email me off this board, seanchai@mts.net and we can chat more!

    Hi, read your thread about the Rainbow unit. I am a rainbow leader from the west midlands. As a Brownie leader you have got a head start ans you know the sort of things the girls will like to do.
    when i took over my unit the old leader did news every week -whether the girls had some thing to say or not!! I do it sometimes that seems to work for us.
    When my girls arrive at Rainbows I have a box with balls and skipping ropes etc at one end and a table with a quick activity such as a colouring the other end. My girls are into badges at the moment and if your ex leader did not do anything like this this may well be a good way for you to put your stamp on the unit.
    Some of the girls here were involved with the new round the world pack it costs about £10.00 and has had rave reviews on this site.
    if you want to talk about specifics please pm me and we can talk.
    Of course! What would you like? Guides Canada has recently closed down it's local shops in favour of a mailorder business from Toronto :( curse their eyes! but I do have quite a bit of tat (camp blanket badges etc) on hand.

    I am a Guide Guider here in Winnipeg; our girls are 9 - 11 years of age. I was born Jean MacDonald but married into a small family of immigrants from Barrhead. I see that's not a great distance from you.

    Jean in Winnipeg
    Hi Sly
    I've found a fife badge - thought I would unearth it while searching for census forms. Email me your address and I'll send it off. my email laura.powrie@virgin.net

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