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  • Hello I sent for 3 badges from you the penguin badges and the envelope was returned I sent it to 30 marfield road and it has been returned where should Isend the cheque thanks Janet
    Hi Raindrops, I have 60 of each of the three challenges we are running, so you should be OK. Thanks
    I am still waiting for my delivery of badges - hopefully by the time you send the cheque and SAE they will be here. Thanks for your support. Carolyn
    Hi, I was just wondering if you have 25 penguin challenge badges that I could order for my Brownies,
    Hayley (hoot.owl)
    Would just like to say we did the wizard of oz challenge this weekend at Pack Holiday this weekend - it was fab and the brownies were thrilled with the badge - great ideas thanks Claire 4th Soham Brownies

    This is probably a ridiculous question but I'm going to ask it anyway - do you have any of the Penguin Challenge badges left?

    Doing a Brownie Holiday the girls couldn't decide between I'm a Brownie get me out of here and Club Penguin. So, we are doing both - instead of being stuck on an island they are going to be trapped inside a game of Club Penguin.

    I had already thought of a lot of ideas but have just come across your challenge and strangely enough I think its a case of great minds think alike as many of my thoughts are the same as yours. So getting the girls a badge would be perfect.

    Only problem being I would need 32.

    Can you please let me know either that yes you have some or no I'm crazy for even asking.


    Melody (hawleykoala)
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