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  • Hi that sounds great! sorry it's taken so long to reply, laptops been on the blink!
    my address is (kirsty robertson) 7 church court, kirkclady, fife, ky1 1bg. if you send me your address i'll post you our badge!
    Not sure if I have posted my event on the right page?
    Can you help? Its Keswick Mountain festival days/badge i popped it on the Cumbria North bit!
    Re Popcorn, Thx Cazbly. I'm in no rush for my badges, just in the "would be nice to have them soon" camp as opposed to the "desparate for them" camp. Please pass on "get well soon" messages for me x
    Thanks growlywench! Really appreciate it.

    Bramblebush is posting to me, work was getting in the way :(

    But sure we can all meet up sometime - I seem to be in Shipley most weeks for at least 2 or 3 days.
    Cazbly, I've sent you one of my 'I swapped at Charnwood 2011!'' badges to you via someone (sorry, can't remember who!!!)

    P.S. Bramblebush, if you're off to Shipley to meet Cazbly, I'd be up for the ride too :)
    I am in Baildon, Shipley on Thursday - or the postage is fine - I can paypal you if you would like.
    Erm, bit bigger than expected, but the tamborine will be cosy! Pic on the thread, £20 P+P £2.50, or are you passing Bradford over next week to collect as I wont be able to post until Monday now?? Sorry taken longer than expected as had to wait till payday to get the lining and wadding, and I have been at Bramhope this week and last on site service crew, stopping overnight with DS and Bramble until yesterday.
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