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  • we didn't manage to fit the wide game in, so we are going to do it on Friday and the girls from the other unit have been invited down to join us!
    We were a bit scared by the bonfire it has to be said, we did mention that we could tell it was run by scouts!
    I think our girls highlight was the walk down to the park on Saturday afternoon, we found a stream and went paddling in our wellies!

    Did you have a good weekend?? I certainly did, even with the worlds biggest headache (and I don't mean any of the girls it was an actual headache!) on the Saturday! I was a bit disappointed with the fireworks, glad we didn't pay to get in!
    I might try and bully one of my YLs into helping lead a campfire!

    Sounds brilliant! We've still not started any planning yet, might suggest we do some sometime soon!

    I spoke to GIC about holiday tonight, mentioned camp fire on Sat night she thought it a great idea :)
    We are going with 1 other unit so if I don't know names of some of my girls, i'm not that much of a fool, they aren't mine!! ;)
    Hi would be interested to know where in the north east of England you are based I am based in Washington Tyne & Wear and a rainbow leader.
    Best Wishes Rose
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