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  • Your inbox is full again! I'm trying to PM you details of the Together we can resource you wanted to buy! Jo
    Hi Gwen (your pm box is full!)
    Those badges are fine. How would you like to pay - I can do cheque, cash or bank transfer

    Let me know

    Niki x
    Hi Gwen, your PM box is full :O)

    If you can pick up some brownie sashes that would be fab, I'd love 6. Would you like me to paypal you now so you have the money ready? Drop me a pm with your details? Thanks again .... Jo (cerys80)
    Hi Gwen - can you delete some messages from your inbox so I can send you a message please? Thanks!
    Slowly catching up with sleep - definitely worth it though! Wroughton and Hellidon were good but I had even more fun at this one. Will be my last Innovate too - I drop into the guiding black hole in January!
    Hi Gwen, hope you've recovered from innovate! Nice to bump into you again and sorry for freaking you out by remembering you from Wroughton!
    hi Gwen.

    Im right in the middle of Reading our guide unit is the oldest in riverside division..

    we are the only guide unit we meet in the Oxford rd area the nearest Guide units to us are the tilehurst lot & those in abbey div

    nice to chat xxx praps bump into you at the county review 19th march in the evening...

    my unit will be there doing a bit of service & selling the sparkle challenge to peeps

    xx MJ Guides call me jaguar real name is Rachel
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