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    Question? Room Names

    These are sounding good!! I have made a sheet for the girls to add their ideas and pick favourites. Any new ones still welcome!!!
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    Question? Room Names

    Hi, We are having a show themed weekend away with the guides (indoors) and was wanting names for the rooms we have: Kitchen: - Bathrooms: - Activity room: - Stage & Rehearsal Room Dining Area: - Girls Rooms: (4 lots): - Leaders Rooms: (up to 3): - First Aid Room: - Any ideas and thoughts...
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    Question? What might be useful?

    Hi, We have our last meeting tonight with the guides in our unit before we go on holiday next weekend. We are completing an indoor residential and doing agility and cooks badges along with campfire challenge and holiday badge. What might it be useful to let the girls do tonight? Is there...
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    Christmas themed songs

    You could do traditional carols with the girls and also fun Christmas songs such as when Santa got stuck up the chimney, Rudolph and Jingle Bells.
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    Question? 10p Night

    Hi, I know lots of people say if you want to raise some funds for units and don't need it to be hundreds a 10p night can be a good idea. I haven't done one before and can't seem to find the post with what you can include? Has anyone done this before? How much did you raise? What did you...
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    Bonfire Night

    >Smore's with tealights and you could also use the mini marshmallows and digestives if you don't want them to have too much sugar!! >Black card and glitter to make firework pictures (or chalk if you don't want to find glitter everywhere for the next few years!!!) >colouring of fireworks they...
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    Question? Holiday Question

    I know I have asked loads and this is probably a silly question but I wanted opinion. If we have 11 girls, 1 YL and 4 leaders how much would you expect to keep for electricity at Robin hole and to have as "spare" money? I am trying to check some final costing! TIA
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    Question? Guide Holiday Themes

    Hi, I have booked to take the girls away for a weekend in March. We will be sleeping indoors and will have access to the local area along with all of the indoor rooms. What themes have worked well with your guides so I could give the girls some ideas for our holiday. The girls are...
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    Sponsor Forms

    I just did a simple table on word with a description of how the fundraising would take place e.g. event time place the table had one box for a name and one for the amount just really simple. we did a sponsored skip to help raise funds last night!
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    Question? What do your guides wear on a weekend away?

    Hi, We are going, for the 1st time in a number of years, to take the girls away for a weekend. We are staying at robin hole. One or two of the girls were asking if they had to wear uniform? My answer yes. It's a guiding trip and I had to wear mine for a 4 day camp. The girls were...
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    Wanted: Campfire challenge badges

    Hi, I was looking for some of these badges and have heard nothing from the unit who originally made them up, do you have a contact I could use please. feel free to PM if you want!! TIA
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    Question? How much would you charge?

    Thank you for all of the comments, help and advice. we went for robin hole and have got the cost at £40 per girl for the 2 nights with lots of planned activities. Hopefully all of the girls will want to go and it will be a great holiday (they have been pestering for a year now!!)
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    Question? How much would you charge?

    Hi, We are looking at doing a guide holiday over a weekend spending time on one or more badges but I wondered what the pricing would be for a weekend away. Some of the places we have looked at seem expensive for the small group of girls we have! 1) what do you keep the cost at? 2) do you...
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    Question? Skipping Rhymes

    Hi We are having a sponsored skipping night next Thursday and wanted to do some skipping rhymes with the girls. We have enough small ropes for 1 each, 2 large ropes and 5 elastics for French skipping. The night will be split into sections so that those not yet able to skip will still have...