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  • Hi there - not sure if you have got my email or pm but am wondering if you still have Sparkle Challenge Badges as I paid for a set back in Dec and never recieved them.

    If so could you take them to Bristol & pass onto Lizzieloubee pls or reply to my email/pm for my new postal address.

    Thank you :)
    I really Love all your weemees in the download section. Can you please let me know how I can add some hair! I have managed to edit them a bit, but just can't work out how to do the hair. Thanks in addvance :)

    I've seen on the forum that you will be at the Centenary camp at Harewood. If that's right is there any chance I could buy a necker from you on the Wednesday? I'm at Unity in Staffordshire, and we'll be coaching it for the day to Harewood for Fusion.

    I was just wondering if you have the Guiders neckers as I would really like one for attending the Scottish Centenary camp and the camp at Leeds. Tried to pm but your inbox is full
    Poky poky poky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Time to organise London Mini G2G3. I'm happy to sort it out, but i know we'd talked about a special tour round the BBC, so if you can give me some possible dates to put on a poll for people that would be aces!
    Hello can I put the SParkle 2010 on our website. It will be in the galery to show what we do during our meetings but I don't want to without asking first.
    If you have your code then yup...if not nope...atleast thats what ive been told!
    Hey Hilzo, ended up swapping someone online who liked my badges recently - Great luck she was from HK so she said shed swap me for two of the Kelpies six badges!!

    Ill let you know when they arrive

    Pige x
    allrighty, ill try get two HK ones :)

    how much are the guiders neckers btw, i need to get some monies for one before my county lauch, some lovely forum ladies will be there :)
    hey hilzo,, any luck with the kelpie badges

    im going to see if my mates mate in HK can get me one and try find some Canadian ones too - would you need any
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