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  • Hi just wanted to let you know that I work at Cats Protection in Bridgend and live in Newport. As part of our education programme I am able to visits units to talk about animal care and run related activities etc. Please let me know if any of your units might be interested in this. Ta x
    A battery is connected to a uniform conductor. The current in the conductor is 40mA.
    *( 1 ) calculate the total charge that flows past a point in the conductor in 3 mins.
    *2. using data (1.6x10-19) calcvulate the munber of electron charge carriers passing the same point in the conductor at this point.
    *3. if 8.6J of enerrgy are transferred to the conductor in the time, calculate the pd across the conductor.
    *4. calculate resistance of the conductor
    There are 2 2nd and 5th. Best to contact either Hazel Hobbs or Julia Blackburn will find out numbers now.
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