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  • Hey Jenn
    I just saw on the gypsy thread that you were going to greek classes. Are you learning modern greek? I ask coz i learnt modern greek and intended to emigrate to greece and it's such an unusual language i thought i'd say hello!

    Am I right in thinking you have an irish centenary badge on ebay? Do you happen to have anymore? I have been trying to buy one from the website but it won't except any of my cards. If you have a spare I can buy from you I would be grateful.

    Thanks Smiley

    P.S Your inbox is full.
    Sorry not replay for while I was in Stafford but move house now in Longton Disivion
    Someone posted on my thread about me having spare sheets of the SS scrapbook paper that you were after some. Just thought i'd check and see if you were!
    And that's what we call a coincidence, lol. I moved to Leek from that area earlier this year! It would work for us to take you there, since we can pop into my house at the same time to check on it. Are you anywhere near Dimsdale Parade? I have a general return so can take pretty much any train.
    Where in 'castle are you exactly? We could poss give you a lift home before jumping onto the Leek road...

    Just wondering what time your train was booked to come back from the London G2G on the Sunday? I'm not bothered about what time I get back so thought it might be nice to travel together...

    I never swapped with you for a duck badge...I have Surrey West glow in the dark "I had fun in 2010" badges if you're interested?!
    I would like one of the rainbow weemee and one senior section weemee badges. Will send the cheque today and will add the 21p on for a 1st class large stamp.

    Thanks very much
    Yeah she is very accident prone every camp we have been on we nearly always visit the hospital. If you pm me and let me know how much more it is going to cost and I will send you the money.

    Thanks very much Gemze.
    Hi Jenn,
    I hear you meet my friend Rachel Jones on tall ships. Did you have a good time?

    HaHa inbox full ohwell can you just pm me details for aus order please - note the payment totals on the thread thanks :)

    when i know you have a space in your inbox somewhere i will message or email details of how to pay

    Ta Have a good day :)
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