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  • Would it be possible to have one of the Main Morocco badges please and one of the duck one? Thanks
    Hi, I have heard from a source that you have the badge with the centenary ducks on? If so do you have any left and how much? Thanks x
    are u still selling the camel badges? or have i already asked for one from u??
    if not, can i buy one? or i can swap a birmingham drayton manor carnival

    hey, jen- your inbox is full so...
    I just want to check that I don't owe you any money.
    I had a made yes please plee to a lot of centenary badges and I can't quite remeber who to now or if I was too late to get on the order.
    So if I did manage to get there i time what do I owe- if not do you have any spares?

    Thanks anniechallenge
    I saw you ordered the badges from Canda- Would I be able to place my own order from them? I am stuck at work and cannot get on the website. Any help would be appricated please.
    Hi there,
    I think your inbox is full! I have sent you the money for the canadian badges through paypal. I can't wait to receive them!

    Heya, your inbox is full atm, but that would be great if you could send another! Thankyou! Sorry for the trouble..xxxx
    Hi Jenn, I got a messagesaying you tried to PM me but my in box was full. I have cleared it now if you wish to resend your message.
    I did a rather rubbish Google Translate plus fudging botched job. So I wouldn't mind if you had another go at it!
    If you PM me your email address I'll send you the French (and, if you want a laugh, my English version).
    Your inbox be stuffed full, so I can't send you my address for the badges...have a clear out and I'll try again! Jo
    Your messages are full again!

    Hope you had a brilliant time in Dubai.
    Just to let you know, Guiding have been in touch with me today about running an item on the sleepover I did (I think Waddow must have told them) so I have credited you with taking the photo.
    Don't know if it will definitely make it in, or which issue, but you may be in print as photographer!
    Oh, and I raised £575, so you could say it was very worth while.
    All the best.
    hiya, did u get my pm? not sure whether it sent properly, have the duck badges come in yet? because i still havent had mine :-(
    Hi Jenn
    If you can PM me your address I'll send you the money and a SAE for the Duck badge, but my Ultimate Morocco badges haven't been made up yet, but when they have I'll send you one =] x

    I'm putting this here because your PM box is full!

    I've found a copy of the French "Jeannette" (Brownie) story book online and I speak a bit of French but I'm wondering if you would be really really nice and help me out with a translation of the first story?

    The link is in my thread here - it's a children's story so shouldn't be too difficult to do??? I'm thinking we could use this in our "pre-Thinking-Day" meeting where we are thinking about Haiti as the Brownies there are Jeanettes too.

    Thanks SO much. I'm going to collate the stories from around the world into one document and put it in Downloads I think for other people.

    Hi Jenn

    Hopefully by now you will have received my cheque, letter etc to order duck badges. Can you just confirm that you have and when I can expect to receive the badges.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    Jean Harrison
    Burgh Brownies
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