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    I can give you tons of scouting abbreviations if you want them?
    The only Centenary badges I have are Anglia Decades and WAGGGS deluxe, which really belong to my Brownies! I haven't been able to update thes wap list since the update, so I hope I still have whatever it was you were interested in!
    Let me know! ;)
    Hi there
    I have just opened up a discussion forum for G2G6 the welsh one!!
    I hope you can come!!
    Badges arrived safely today - Just got to tackle the sewing - When I decide where to put them! :D

    Thanks Muchly :D
    Where has the thread for the wishlist gone... Is it just me or can I not find it...? ]=
    I did. As if we have autumn term organised! (should we have? are we very bad?!)
    Please tell me I have not gone mad. Yesterday i started a thread about a Hen Night at Wings. It seems to have completley disappeared! Any idea why or how.
    Part Two - Sorry, had to post in two parts 'cause it said I had too many characters. Lol!

    As for the golden snitch, we used a yellow golfball. A Guider dropped this in the pitch at any time during the game and the game only ends when one of the Chasers finds it. They get ten points for finding the snitch and two for hitting the goal cones.

    Hope this makes sense and is useful!
    Sorry it took me so long to reply!

    Quidditch Part One
    Basically for Quidditch, we played it with three teams but can be played with two at a time. Each team has a goal stick or a cone or something. In each team there is a Keeper (who stands by the goal cone and stops the Quaffle hitting the cone).

    The Quaflle, we used a basketball for that. Each team has some Chasers, about three. And they have to pass the ball to their team mates and try and hit the cone. When they are holding the ball, they have to stand still.

    As for the bludgers, we had two Guiders running around with mini footballs and trying to hit a Chaser. If they were hit they had to stand still for five seconds shouting "One hippoptomus, two hippopotumus" until they reached five and then they can join in again.
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