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    Help please!!

    Hello Last night I had a phone call from my county commissioner asking if I would be Interested in being Senior Section Advisor for my county We were planning to have a team of people which I would be head of to run senior section events over the county etc. I would jump at the chance...
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    Interview help!

    I'm currently working as a teaching assistant and have been applying for jobs closer to home as at the moment I'm travelling up to an hour to get there. That's the only reason that I'm looking to leave. I have received an interview for next week but I'm stuck how to approach this with my current...
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    Pack Holiday

    We took our brownies away in May for my sisters assessment and we had - Placements in black and white for girls to colour in during arrival period - Signs on doors (name of room, girls in there) - Welcome sign to go on the front door - Sign to go on the entrance to site (if not clear...
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    Queen Guide Help please!

    Thank you! They are fab! Xx
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    Queen Guide Help please!

    I definitely appreciate it! [emoji5]️ I am jealous of your outdoor challenge! It sounds amazing! I'm not sure what to do for section 2 because I already have my licence for rainbows and rangers (just not offically yet!) I'd seen some people do an international event but I'm not sure if I'd...
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    Queen Guide Help please!

    Haha! Very good what did you go for yours? Xx
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    Queen Guide Help please!

    Fantastic thank you! .. Ive already registered my interest .. is that a little bit too eager?! Haha Xx
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    Queen Guide Help please!

    Fantastic thank you guys! Any more ideas would be fab as well! Im not sure what to do for my personal skill because I wanted to do crochet but I can do basic crochet anyway. If I progressed onto harder crochet would that count? Xx
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    Queen Guide Help please!

    Ive been thinking about doing my Queens Guide and have spoken to couple of the forum members on facebook about doing it. I have already spoken to my county advisor as I know her well already and have emailed my DC. Im not due to officially start it until October time but I wanted to start...
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    Question? What do you love most about guiding?

    I love the fact that the girls can just relax and be themselves without worrying about what boys might think of them. I love the fact that you can go to any girl guiding event and always find like-minded people to talk to! It has given me the confidence to do the job I am doing as well...
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    I'm a Guider.........part 57

    I thought it was :) Im a guider who made the mistake of going to Sainsbury's whilst they have a craft sale on :/
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    I'm a Guider.........part 57

    I was all over the site doing the inflatables and I was at the catering tent letting people through the door at tea times :) doing crowd control! I have a sore throat now from talking so much and so fast! I think I saw you but it was always in passing!
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    who's going to Wellies and wristbands

    I had a blast working as staff for the weekend! Ended up doing a bit of everything and met some lovely people! .. I dread to think how many times I went up and down the hill to the campsites carrying peoples kit up and down! Hopefully will be there again next year! Xx
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    I'm a Guider.........part 57

    I am a very tired guider after a long weekend working at Waddow for Wellies and wristbands! Met some wonderful people, had lots of fun and the girls all had lots of fun!
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    A Thorny Question

    It also shows that Girlguiding is moving with the times... You only have to look at the recent improvements and achievements that have come around with the legalisation of same sex marriage. I know a few leaders about 5-6 years ago who have been "ousted" so to speak from their units because...