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  • hiya, just to let you know that you are all paid up for the Singapore badges. thanks
    No, I only knew from a friend that we needed to be there on the Friday. I feel very un-informed about the whole thing.

    I noticed you're getting the train to NJ?? I am too - did you want to meet up for some company? I'm going up Friday, getting the 12 mid-day from Liverpool street
    Hiya, your PM box is full! Just wondering if you have any Berkshire centenary badges left? I'd love to get hold of one as I grew up in Berks and was there for the launch at WINGS too! I have a spare Manchester launch Party in the Park 100 badge or an Anglia region centenary badge to swap if you're interested in either of those, or Manchester and North West England standards, or I'm happy to buy one off you if you'd rather!

    Helloooooo! Have you found any space in your house for all those craft bargains you got at Wings??
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