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  • Its going really well - we have five patrols including a Baden-Powell patrol. I hope you find a leader soon x
    no we didnt, the girls were gutted. We are going to see the musical, legally blonde when it opens in december instead. They are happy as it has a real chiauau in it! would have been great to meet up
    yeah, a tad too far! lol. Actually that sounds like a better idea and if it's a hot day you could always put the leaders in there - make loads! or try and find 'that guide' who the leaders would pay good money to have a go at!!! lol
    where in the world are you? i have a couple of games you could borrow - a buzz wire and basic pinball type.
    Hi I am getting more and more concerned about Beth Bear, did she arrive in Scotland? Did you send her back? If you still have her thats fine at least she is safe. Please can she come back or she will miss camp. Thank you Sleepy
    Guides is going really well, how about for you? Am a bit down about doing Brownies anymore though but there is no-one to take over. Am considering moving Guides to the same night, meeting straight after Brownies and seeing if that makes it better. Since I do Guides on Monday I am so exhausted for Brownies on Tuesday! Nothing jumps out in the centenary catalogue EXCEPT THE BIG GIG! It sounds on here that you have to send off the form the second you get Guiding Mag but Im at work when it comes, which will be the middle of the day, so we may miss out. We are hoping to do a PGL weekend as our first holiday. I was hoping for May but luckily someone mentioned most of the Guides are on a school holiday so it will prob be just after summer.
    I have been involved with them since 2001 - I started with an organisation called Camp America while I was at uni - did 4 years of camp then. Did go for 2 years but missed it soo much that I went back in 2007 and 2008. Not going this year but hopefully I will be going back next year.
    Maybe someone from here would let you go along. We havent taken our brownies on a pack holiday since I started 2 years ago and the only camping trip longer than a weekend that the guides have done was ayrwaves - if I was a GIC I would let you come along.
    I am really not sure. I would think that in theory you could do with being part of someone elses team but I think it might be easier to do if you seen how it was done first (if that makes sense)
    they are the cash name tapes in the Guiding Essentials catalogue. There is quite a good choice and the navy background looks good on the gillet. If you look on our website you may be able to see it!
    I can't remember off hand which parts they did of Go for It. Have you looked at the BOGUK site. We did the cruise patrol one night and the girls absolutely loved it. They wanted more time to continue! All patrols worked really well.
    They also love buildng a tower with jelly babies cocktail sticks. We also did a trading type challenge out of Guiding mag. but it was ages ago and not sure of details - will try to find the article.
    Have done challenges to earn tokens to buy things with.E.G. name 10 supermarkets, 10 boys names beginning with (choose a letter), 10 car makes etc - the list can be endless. Each patrol earned vouchers for each completed task (harder task = more vouchers) & as a team decided what to 'buy'. A jug of juice cost 3 tokens, cups 1 token for 6 cups, biscuits 1 token each, a small bar of choc 2 tokens etc. Some groups divided the tokens between them & some 'pooled' theirs to get more items & shared the goodies out
    Not sure if it makes sense but the girls loved it.
    I will try to find the paperwork for Go for it to see what they did..
    Yes, my Brownie troop is doing the postcard exchange. My Juniors did it last year. I am planning to ask them if they would like to do it again when we have our first meeting. That is too bad about your postcards from last year. I kept all of ours in a three ring binder in plastic page protectors so the girls could look at them at every meeting if they wanted to. I had about 5 requests when I checked my email today, but didn't have time to really look at them since I have to check my email when I can grab someone else's computer since mine is still acting up. Still can only get on here. Hope Barnaby gets there soon!!
    We joined the postcard exchange in the end....www.mythinkingday.com
    Its only one exchange rather than building a relationship with a particular unit but the girls enjoyed it anyway.
    Where were you hoping to link with?
    don't worry about codes just write what they are, most stuff comes without codes.
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