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  • Hello :)
    You left me a message about guiding in Hackney on my post about moving to London a couple of months back.
    I finally signed for my flat this week and it is actually in Hackney. I'm moving in at the end of June and starting a new job, but would perhaps be settled enough to be involved in some guiding at the end of the summer term/September.
    I'm going to be working shifts so can't commit to a unit every week but as I don't know anyone in Hackney at all guiding might be the way to meet people.
    I have Brownie and Guide leadership though I'd rather do Guides if there is a choice? Any chance you can put me in contact with someone even just to say hi? Maybe dc?
    Yes, I did, the one in very late 2012. Not as of yet - but I've got a lot of the topic packs and some leaflets that I need to give out, so I should be starting to organise sessions soon.
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