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  • Hi - If you are Really Only Weird At Night what happens???????????? Will I be scared at Patteson??????????

    P.s - Hope you are ok!
    I dunno... I couldn't thinkof a decent acrostic... and allie-b and woodyowl will vouch I'm a little strange all the time to be fair... anna thinks so too :P
    I like your picture on the top of your posts,
    but what happens to you at night?

    Is your dudley the one in the west midlands? I was looking for some new Guidy friends near Wolverhampton and came accross you on a thread earlier...

    Hi Rowan, Yes in response to you note on my profile. Why? Are you going to come to the taster day on the 1st November? if you've not got the info on it PM me your email and i'll send it to you.
    Mostly old ones! I'll listen to anything! Mosely folk festival is always a firm fave though... small no camping... though I'm thinking of cropredying again this year...
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