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Snowy Pink Owl
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  • have you been able to send it yet snowy-just wondering as going into soon thank you-much appreciated
    Hi there

    Would be great if you could let me have a copy of the world regions challenge please. Thanks. Are you still selling the badges? Linda
    I'm trying to figure out who you were from Innovate. Met so many people that weekend, my mind is boggled! :P
    Did Smartie and I have breakfast with you on the first morning?

    I have a copy of the world regions challenge which we are currently working on are you still selling the badges?


    Hi Snowy pink owl
    I would love a copy of world regions challenge please.
    PS do you need my email address or home address.
    I did post the payment when I got back like I said it would - but I guess it never arrived :( I will post it again (with a replacement bracelet) on my way to guides tonight - I am sorry for the drlay.

    back from camp sorry for the delay in answering will send my address tomorrow :)
    Hi Sara
    Just to let you know that your charm should be in the post tomorrow :)
    You can run it under the tap and it will be fine but it won't survive washing with anything like detergent !

    Jo :)
    Hi, I think that you tried to send me a PM, but my inbox was full, sorry.
    I have now made some space, if you would like to try again.
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