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    Someone to go on holiday with

    Hello, I am looking for some advice. I'm thinking of going travelling (around a month so nothing major) but don't really want to go by myself. My friends are all broke (or married, or both) and so I am looking for alternatives. Has anyone used travel companion sites, solo traveller tours or...
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    Question? Help with banking spreadsheet and marking fundraising over two years

    Anyone use the official banking spreadsheet? We started fundraising this year for an event next year so I put those details in the Holiday section. I want to ring fence this money so how do I mark it on the next years spreadsheet. If I add a carried over balance then it counts it twice but I...
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    Advice needed for potential Earth Hour campaign at work

    I am looking for advice - its not about Guiding (Sorry) but may provide an idea for an activity for Guides. Earth Hour is taking place on Saturday March 23rd. The idea is you turn off the power for an hour at 8.30pm and encourage people to use less power and help the planet. We are looking...
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    Baker Ross discount code wrong

    Thanks. It doesn't say to do that on guiding website! I emailed them so hopefully they will update it.
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    Baker Ross discount code wrong

    The code on the website doesn't work. Does anyone know one that does Thanks Steph
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    Guide Resources - where have they gone?

    Thanks everyone. I haven't had to look for anything for more than two years - all our girls got too old and turned into Senior Section - this will be the first time I have had 11 year olds for a few years - going to be a fast re-learning curve for me!!
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    Question? GOLD 21 Celebration Dinner

    I haven't had the email - a friend showed me hers yesterday. Anyone else think its expensive?
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    Guide Resources - where have they gone?

    I'm about to reopen my Guides in September after a break of two years. I've been going through the Guiding shop to replace the resources that seem to have gone on a trip since the last time we used them. What has happened to the Welcome packs? And even more worrying where is the badge book...
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    Music lessons (singing and piano) - HELP NEEDED

    I'm looking to start piano and singing lessons but have no idea where to start looking for a teacher - I've done a Google search and it isn't very helpful. I live in Swansea, I'm 33 and I used to play recorder at school so could read music (I need to re-learn!). If anyone can help me find a...
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    World Book Night 2012

    I've been chosen too - The Book Thief. Problem is I don't know what I'm going to do to give them away - what have you all planned/ done in the past?
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    fundraising/ boosting numbers/ spending money

    Some of this doesn't fit in this category but I got carried away with my typing - sorry. My Guide unit has closed - the youngest girl was 14 so instead we opened a Senior Section unit. We are about to lose 2 to university so our numbers are dwindling here too. So the first question...
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    Hello I'm not really new - I just haven't been on here for about a year. Life sort of took over my Guiding but I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things now. To anyone I ordered badge off that I didn't pay - I'm really sorry if I caused any problems. Hopefully I'll be back for good...
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    Adult Leaders Gilet - I have one I don't wear, does anyone want it?

    Title is pretty much self explanatory. I have an Adult Leaders Gilet (think its a 10 but it drowns me and I'm a size 10-12) I've hardly worn it, its only been washed once. If anyone wants it - I will take payment or swaps or any other offers you may think of. Steph
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    ACTIVE KIDS is back

    I get people in work to collect them (and my mum who posts them to me) I get a few from people who's kids won't take them into school cos they aren't cool. And a couple of teachers who give them to me rather than their school! And some of my guides have said they are going to bring them from...
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    Argyll County Centenary Badge

    I would like 2 please. CAn you let me know details. Thanks