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    'Got every badge' badge?

    Haven't laughed so much at an article before. Love the translation of a translation :)
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    Resource Expenses form

    I would just ask leaders to keep receipts and submit. No need for a form.
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    Young leader and subs

    If she isn't attending your unit then I would just take her off GO for unit. Her main role would then default to the Brownie unit where she is a YL. They would then either pay for her or ask parents for subs depending on their policy. But out of courtesy I would let the Brownie unit know you...
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    Weekly Discussion: Promise ceremonies

    Normally the girl making her promise will choose when & where. So could be traditional at the end of meeting with parents present or at park, tennis courts, beach or even swimming pool. I have eight girls who are ready to make their promise & am conscious that this could take a while. Think we...
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    FREE roller banner

    Any chance of a pic? ☺
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    Starting dates

    For the sake off one week I would just let her start. It would be a shame that she misses out on some exciting activities.
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    Our Chalet & adventurous activities

    I am thinking about taking a group of Guides to Our Chalet. It offers adventurous activities as part of the programme e.g. swimming in a glacial lake & high ropes park. I was just wondering if anyone who has been recently could advise how easy it was to check out the risk assessments &...
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    County Campsites

    Both sites are good, having camped at both several times but for me Ladenford Den does have more appeal. I may be biased though as an Angus County Guider :D Don't think that public transport is an option at either site but we usually have a mini-bus or two. From Ladenford we have been to Monikie...
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    Readings for closing meetings

    My two trusty prayer books that I have used for over 20 years are literally falling to bits & need replaced. Does anyone have suggestions of some good books with readings that would be suitable for Brownies? The girls could then choose between prayers or a reading to close the meeting with. They...
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    Well had our Thinking Day meeting tonight & the piñatas went down a storm. The flour & water paste hardened really well. Will definitely do this again. A very cheap yet effective craft.
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    Well, that's the covered balloons sitting in front of the radiators! Used just some flour & water with newspapers. Seems to be drying fine.... :rolleyes: We'll see it a few days............
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    Would like to do a piñata for our Thinking Day meeting. What is the best type of paper mache to use? Have seen ideas for wallpaper paste or just flour & water but not sure what would be the easiest to use. I have just over a week to let it dry would that be long enough? If anyone has done this...
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    Brownie Badges For Sale

    Are all interest badges the current design? Might be interested in some of the World badges.
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    'I was a Brownie' t-shirt!

    All out of stock on-line. I WANT ONE! :(
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    Scottish Camp 2015

    Is it maybe "G in the Park" you are thinking of? Not sure exactly where it is being held, Ayrshire seems to ring a bell but think is the first or second weekend in July.