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  • Hi, you inbox is full, but ive sorted it - my valves are different to my trumpet and so i'd put them in a full 180 degrees wrong.
    Thank you for your help
    Hi Victoria, Dollypip trying to contact you but your inbox is full, can you make space and can you contact her please?

    Thanks. C x
    Hi Vicky, I don't know if i am doing this right Is this called a PM. If so please could i order 10 of the trolley keyrings with you. I have posted a message on your thread if that is what it is called.(sorry all this jargon i am not familiar with it). But just incase i have done that wrong, i'am doing it this way too. But i only want 10.
    Sorry for being a pain.
    just to let you know im now a leader in cheshire, theyve found me a unit over the border, so i may need your ideas, etc and a fresh approach vicky,
    thanks for being a friend babesxxx
    Hi Victoia,
    I have received my pink and yellow 'i'm quackers about Guiding' badges today. thank you for sending them - they will look great on my camp blanket.


    Hi Victoria,

    There is space in my inbox again now - don't think I've deleted anything I shouldn't have this time.

    Your inbox is still full - and I have not heard from you - Hope you are OK :)

    Please PM me to confirm address - so that I can send your owl badges to you first thing Tuesday.

    Thanks Nici
    Did you post the Sparkly Owl badge yet?
    Sorry to sound hassley..but I've had a few things not turn up...our old post lady seems to have hung up her bag and our post is all over the place.
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