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    Do you claim for ink?

    Yep! That's me! The printer is an old one used exclusively for Brownies, I claim for paper and ink cartridges.
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    Notes for Schools looking for girls

    We made some A5 flyers with the Brownies logo at the top and meeting info and how to join at the bottom, then asked the girls to draw a picture of a Brownie having fun in the middle.
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    Promise for all

    Thank you for sharing, I shed a tear reading your post. Congratulations on making your promise at last.
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    Question? Venue Hire: Has anyone heard of/used the Dual Use Scheme?

    We run our weekly meetings from a school - it is subsidised by the county council. I think it's called Community Use of Schools.
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    Gift Aid

    Give HMRC a call .... they're really helpful.
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    Question? Insurance Certificate - where to find?

    Thank you Tawnyowl51
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    Question? Insurance Certificate - where to find?

    Can someone please point me in the right direction for the GG Insurance certificate. We provided one for the school whose hall we use last year, and I can't for the life of me find where I got it from. Help!
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    Hall rent rip-off!

    We pay £6 per hour (2 hours per week) to use a school hall (can also use the staffroom for kettle, sink etc). We pay through out local education authority through their Community Use of Schools Scheme, which basicaaly means that the LA subsidise our use of the hall. I'm not sure how much the...
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    Yeah! Royal Wedding!

    that's my twin son's 13th birthday! they are going to be thrilled to have the day off school! less thrilled to be spending it watching the royal wedding!!!
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    National Anthem

    our Brownies didn't know the National Anthem yesterday either - we sang verse 4 as verse 2 (I didn't know there was more than 1 verse, but at least I knew the tune!!!!) We will have to teach the girls the first verse at least.
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    Hello to Northamptonshire Guiders

    Hi, my name is Andrea too and I am a Brownie guider near Oundle
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    guiding matters for families

    I got mine last week and assumed it was because I am a parent of a Brownie rather than a leader. Not one of our girl's parents mentioned it at tonight's meeting.
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    What age did you have a baby?

    I was 23 when I had my twin boys, and 27 when I had my daughter. I'm 35 now and definitely one of the younger Mums in the school playground - most are 5-10 years older than me.
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    How do I complain about the content of a sermon at Harvest Festival?

    I'm shocked! I can't imagine how you and the girls felt - how awful. No wonder the parents have been complaining. Good luck - I hope you get an apology.
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    Seasons Badge - Winter section

    We are doing the Winter section of the Seasons badge between now and Christmas. We're going to plant hyacinth bulbs in the top of a jam jar - it should be fairly full with water, but don't let the water touch the bottom of the bulb or it will go mouldy. I found some info online - once the bulbs...