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  1. blue_star

    Question? Look Wider record books

    Hi everyone I am due to run an octant update sessions with my group (basically we get together and see what they have done in the past few months towards their octants). I have a couple of copies of the new books for recording the stuff down however I know I will have issues in getting the...
  2. blue_star

    Dogs and fireworks

    Hi everyone Just wondering how the doggy owners among us have any advise for owners during fireworks. My dog although doesn't cower away always wants to go outside and bark at the fireworks which is fine but can get him and others a little stressed. I have tried the plug in stuff but they...
  3. blue_star

    Bracelets using big lolly sticks

    Hi Everyone I would like to do this craft with a couple of groups to send in shoe boxes for Operation Christmas child but seem to be really struggling. http://mollymoocrafts.com/quick-craft-craft-stick-bracelets/ Has anyone else done this? For some reason the sticks seem not to be holding...
  4. blue_star

    Seed bead flags etc help

    Hi Everyone I am hoping to do this activity for camp preparation however I have noticed when I tried to do it before with safety pins a lot were too big for the seed beads. Someone has suggested the brass ones but I have noticed they come in different sizes too so I am totally lost. Has anyone...
  5. blue_star

    Health form

    Hi Everyone Have just looked at the health form for this years camp and I have noticed at the bottom it now says; Consent I authorise the Leaders and first aiders at this event to give permission for my child to receive any emergency dental,medical or surgical treatment, including...
  6. blue_star

    Wooden spoon register ?

    Hi ladies Just trying to get sorted for camp and I remember seeing on year a group who had give each guide a wooden spoon to decorated which was then used as a register for the guides to say if they were in camp, at the toilet, on activities etc but can not remembrance what type of pot was used...
  7. blue_star

    Cheap pillowcases?

    Hi Ladies My guides are planning on tie dyeing pillow cases to take to camp and I was just wondering where people think the best place to get about 35 from quite cheaply?
  8. blue_star

    Question? Guides/Leaders swap role

    Hi Everyone My guide unit has decided they would like to do the leader/guide swapping roles activity from the BBB badge and we are calling it Patrol Takeover week. We are allowing each patrol 15 minutes to do an activity with the unit of their choice but I am just wondering if they will...
  9. blue_star

    Facepaints/Makeup/Make over activities

    Hi Everyone Just wanted everyone view and interpretation of this rule: http://guidingmanual.guk.org.uk/activities/a_to_z_of_activities/campfires_to_fencing/face_painting.aspx I have asked my guides for a consent form but at the moment I do not have many back and I am just concerned I will...
  10. blue_star

    GFI Globalistic

    Hi Everyone Would anyone at all be able to scan in a copy of this GFI for me? I don't have a copy and another leader in the area has ordered it but it has not turned up in time for her meeting tonight! Really hoping someone could pull this off for me! Thanks!
  11. blue_star

    Removing signatories

    Hi Everyone A unit in my district is trying to remove signatories to their account who now no longer help. Due to various reasons the leader does not know the individuals or where they live and the bank will not remove them unless they sign themselves to be removed. Has anyone had this...
  12. blue_star

    Guide of the Year

    Hi Everyone I am thinking of starting a guide of the year award, this year I would like to present it to two sisters (one is very ill and her sister has been fantastic with extra stuff around the house and never complaining). Next year I might change it to patrol of the year and do a points...
  13. blue_star

    Question? Gifts for shoe boxes

    Hi everyone I am running short on ideas for what senior section could make for the boxes. We have access to material so bags are an obvious choice but I have heard of making bracelets with woven strips of material but can not find a how to or what to use to make it join. If anyone else has any...
  14. blue_star

    Birmingham Childrens Hospital

    Hi Everyone Just wondered if anyone knew if there was a guide unit at BCH like there is at Great Ormond Street Hospital? Thanks in advance
  15. blue_star

    Washing international necker

    Hi Just wondering if anyone has tried washing their international necker? Mine is looking grubby but a bit worried the colour is going run! Any suggestion other than washing by hand in cold water? Sent from my GT-S5830i using Tapatalk 2
  16. blue_star

    Urgent! G-File page scan

    Sorry I know I am a pain with two urgents in one day! But would anyone be able to scan to me the BP final page for when the DC comes to see the guides. I think my two have lost their G-Files so I want to make sure I have copies just in case. Thanks From one very stressed guider!
  17. blue_star

    Suspending a unit

    Hi ladies I have been asked about the above in my district however I have realised I am really unsure what to say about the procedure (if we have one). I am still waiting for my Commissioner Handbook to arrive so does anyone have a copy and would be willing to scan to me any pages in it about...
  18. blue_star

    Question? Big gig badges

    Hi As they have sold out of woven badges at the event just wondered if anyone had 10 woven spare? Sent from my GT-S5830i using Tapatalk 2
  19. blue_star

    Information: Spare tickets for Birmingham.

    Hi Ladies I have two spare tickets if anyone is interested in block 16. Sent from my GT-S5830i using Tapatalk 2
  20. blue_star

    Join us and DofE volunteers

    Hi Ladies I have someone who I has come through Join Us and is a DofE volunteer. We have found a unit for her to help with, now the question is on Join us there is no DofE role, the closest I could put her ask is District Occasional Helper or am I missing something??