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  1. harrypotterballerina

    Uniform price

    I noticed this morning while scrolling through the girlguiding shop online that the price of the Guide uniform has increased (it might have for other sections as well but I don't know). Although the price of the polo has increased from £12.50 to £13.75, the hoodie from £20 to £22 and the long...
  2. harrypotterballerina

    Promise in uniform

    Hi everyone! I'm just wondering where everyone stands with wearing uniform when the girls are making their promise? We had four girls join us from Brownies in April, and they are all ready to make their promise. We always have the girls wear their uniform when making their promise at the...
  3. harrypotterballerina

    Pizza Boxes

    Hi Everyone! My Guides are making solar powered ovens tomorrow, and I know I've left it a bit late but work and family stuff have got in the way, but does anyone know where I could get pizza boxes from? Or a subsitute? I've tried local takeaways and they've either said no, or that they would...