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    Researching into after school clubs!

    Hello lovely ladies! I'm doing a research paper looking at parents views of their primary school aged (5-11 y/o) children's after school clubs. If you're a parent and could spare a few minutes could you please fill out my survey?! Or if you know anyone who you could send it on to I'd very...
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    Monkey Business Challenge Badge!

    Hello!! My fellow Ranger leader has created this badge as she is going on a guiding trip, trekking in Nepal next year. She doesn't have a guiders account so if you have any questions please ask and i can try and answer, otherwise please email the address on the order form! She is also...
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    keep calm tshirts

    Does anyone know what the sizings are like? i'm around a size 20 and don't know whether to go L, XL, or XXL as every item seems to be different!
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    anyone know the boggart and brownie game?

    i was talking to our sixers today as they were making a new games list and trying to come up with new games, and i couldn't quite remember how you play boggarts and brownies. we used to play it when i was a brownie about 10 years ago, but can only remember there being someone in the middle, a...
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    socks and tights ideas?

    i have come across two big bags full of black socks and black tights that i can only assume were going to be thrown away, and then i decided to keep them and do something with them.. has anyone got any good craft ideas that could be done with them for any section? the only ones i have so far...
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    frozen chocolate dipped bananas?..

    having a bit of a thick moment.. we're doing a monkey challenge badge and tomorrow we're having a monkey party so obviously banana is the food of choice, but i can't figure out how frozen banana works.. the recipe sais to freeze the banana and then dip in melted chocolate, and freeze...
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    Water conservation activity?!

    i'm helping run a survival guide camp and we're trying to figure out how to do an activity where the girls would collect rain water/other natural water and make it (in theory) safe to drink. I know you could use purification tablets, but that's not really challenging, or evaporation...
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    Leaders wearing uniform?

    i've never really given it much thought, as when i was a young leader i never had any official uniform and mainly just wore my ranger hoodie, but as an adult leader do i have to wear uniform to a meeting? i only noticed at Rainbows today when i got there that i wasn't wearing it, and got worried...
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    Help with Guide Pantomime needed!

    We are still in need of an assistant for our annual Guide Pantomime! This year will be the 11th panto, and first open to guides throughout the division, but as i am leaving for university we are left with only one leader to run and direct the whole thing! We rehearse on Friday nights from...
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    Any Changes to the ALQ?

    Does anyone know if there have been any changes to it recently? i started it a couple of years ago, pre join us and i've finally got everything signed off, (just need to reorganize my evidence before giving it to my mentor!) but i'm slightly panicking that it'll get sent back to me with more...
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    Mothers Day craft ideas

    I need some craft ideas for mothers day and i'm really not feeling very creative at the moment! I know i'm definitely not letting myself do cards (or at least not on their own) as they always do these, plus by friday when we meet they've already made 6 from school and other clubs! Any...
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    safety in the meeting place question?..

    I'm doing my leadership for brownies atm and can't rely on my mentor always turning up when i ask her (to be fair she is very busy and on holiday at the moment!) and i'm trying to get everything signed off asap.. as we meet in the same place as my ranger unit and have more free time in those...
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    Thinking day activity ideas?

    I'm supposed to be running our meeting the week of thinking day and i'm really keen on doing an activity explaining to the girls what it is as it's never been covered with them before, in fact, i'm not sure our GIC and AG even fully know what thinking day is! annoyingly though i can't...
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    ALQ for SS

    I've almost finished my brownie modules 1-3 and hoping to get everything sent off by Easter, and i've discussed with my mentor doing module 1 with Rainbows, as i'm helping there every week anyway and so it shouldn't take me more than a term! i'm going to university in September (hopefully!) so...