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    World Scout Jamboree 2019

    Has anyone applied to be on the international service team?? Applications closed last night. Would be great to have some girl guiding representatives there.
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    leaders uniform jumpers or jackets...

    Anyone else my feelings about the lack of leaders jackets? I really loved the zipped hoodie so was a little taken aback this has been discontinued (according to our local shop). The shell jacket doesn't quite fit the same and has no space for a badge tab (our meeting place gets quite cool in...
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    lone young leaders and go!

    we have a few young leaders to put through onto go! They have no interest in going to senior section but extremely keen to do YLQ. how do the girls start this process - one tried to do an enquiry as a volunteer earlier via join us but wouldn't work as they were under 16 (but the website was also...
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    Sleepover pricing

    just wondering what kind of prices do people charge for a sleepover? We are going to do teatime Friday till afternoon Saturday with Christmas themed activities, food, and we need to provide a realistic donation for heating to the church... We suggested £15 but a parent has said they think its...
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    Wanted: Old Guide Trefoil Badges Blue and Green

    A bit of a long shot, but does anyone still have any of the old Guide Trefoil badges lurking? The enamel has dropped off my blue and Green one, so just looking to replace those one. Otherwise I'll keep my eye on ebay as I know there are a few on there.
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    Online Guide Manager

    Has anything changed with regards to Online guide manager? I know we were not supposed to use it for personal data due to our data protection policy. I was wondering if it could be used but without entering personal data, e.g using only initials, or giving the girls a number for name... Our...
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    moving up the half term before

    hi, a leader in our division has said we can start new brownies the half term before they turn 7? Is this true?? I've not read about it anywhere, so presumed it to be myth, but just looking for clarification...
  8. K

    Volunteers for Guides needed in Barnsley

    We have a guide group in Dodworth, just off J37 of M1 in need of 1 or 2 adult volunteers - leaders or helpers. The guide leader had to step aside due to needing to now work evenings, and the leader in her place unfortunately is now needed to care for a relative and cannot commit weekly. You...
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    belles big film trip

    who is coming?? I don't know if im more excited than the brownies... We are going to see it at Sheffield!! :)
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    Division contact for Barnsley or Hoyland Guides

    Hi, A letter re an incident has been sent to my Guide group in Barnsley, instead of another outside my current division, so i'm trying to find out the address for either the Division commissioner (I think for Barnsley Central) or the leader of Hoyland Guides. If anyone knows of these, could you...
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    Getting to know each other patrol activities....

    One of my patrols doesn't work well together at all (major conflict between patrol leader and patrol second, one is really bossy, and the other doesn't like been told what to do...) The girls self-elected the leaders... for a term in September, with guidance from us. They couldn't choose who...
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    I know the answer is probably no, but is there a shop near York city centre that sells guide stuff, well more specifically leaders stuff - like Guide Welcome bags? I would normally head to Sheffield, but i'm in york saturday so won't be able to and have had a few unexpected Guides this week...
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    First Aid near Barnsley

    I'm looking into the possibility of getting the Guides some first aid training, any other ideas other than St Johns/Red cross?? I've emailed both to see what the costs is going to be, but i'm expecting large figures, so wondered if perhaps there was an alternative. (I only have 10 Guides) We're...
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    Raised too much money...., ideas for spending

    So our church was extra good and organised us a brill coffee morning and we raised £660.61. We only wanted £200 for a flag. (we're a fairly new unit with only 10 girls) We don't have much storage space, and have most of the resources for week to week guiding, we have already decided to also...
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    Am I right in thinking there are just 2 groups in Japan? I have a Brownie moving to Japan next month, tried emailing BGIFC at HQ but no reply yet, and wanted some information to give to her parents.
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    Unable to log in to GO

    I've just tried logging in but everytime get the message username/password must be incorrect. I requested password (using membership number) so neither of those is incorrect, and my date of birth is correct - anyone else having problems?
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    When would you change/cancel a day trip to the wet weather plan?

    I've planned church parade tomorrow followed by picnic, 3 mile walk (along a really easy path) and a look around a farm and working mill. One parent has already called me about their daughter who has the sniffles and what the plan would be if the weather was like today as she doesn't want her...
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    Special achievement awards?

    I was just wondering, i had heard whispers of whetherin Guiding we had special achievement type of awards we could recommend people for? One of our young shy brownies, saved one of her grandparents during the school holidays when he had a heart attack. She managed to call 999, and get help...
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    Brownie Holiday Chores

    I've been asked to complete a rota for chores for our brownies, but as this is the first time we have done a brownie holiday ourselves were wondering what kind of jobs you would ask them to do? We were think perhaps cook, washing up, setting table, and perhaps general cleaning like emptying...
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    Question? Constitution

    We've been asked for a Rules and constitution OR Aims and objectives to open our bank account. Does anyone have anything we can adapt??? Was thinking the royal charter but perhaps we need something more local.