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    Mini promise badge

    Yes :) I know these guys have some. Just explain you are after the light blue guiding ones Phone: 0191 584 1248 (during opening hours)Email: shop@durhamscouts.org.uk Opening Hours Wednesday 11:15am-4pm Saturday 10am-4pm
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    Durham City Badges

    If you need silks I can get you some for 10p each plus postage ? They are Durham north ones
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    Happy Birthday x from Durham North x

    Happy Birthday x from Durham North x
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    Forest Day Trip

    Hi All :D I am after some fantastic ideas from you ladies out there. I am taking a group of guides to be adventurous, and to learn cooking as we dont have the resources to do this in our meeting place. We are looking into - Geocaching ( we have done this before ) Orienteering...
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    Still waiting on my LQ coming back :(

    well since posting this thread. i have received word yesterday 17/6/15 i have now completed my guide leadership and only just got this back.
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    Still waiting on my LQ coming back :(

    My leadership qualification was signed off 17th Feb but I'm still waiting on it coming back. Has anyone ever had it take this long ? Do they normally take this long to come back ?
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    Young Leader 16 yro starting ALQ

    She preferred to do the adult one, as she is 17 this year. Just so we know what to expect as never had a yl doing a lq before. Thank you for your help ladies
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    Young Leader 16 yro starting ALQ

    Hello All Just a quick question. I have a young leader who is 16 year old and is about to start her ALQ. It is just the same for her as an Adult? Thank you xoxo
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    anyone from County Durham here?

    I only have a rainbow contact in Chester le street sorry hun
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    Ready for Rainbow Books

    If you want i have a copy i can send which you can photocopy?
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    Help required !

    Thank you all for your input I have ordered the neckers and woggles and going to do what was suggested !!! Legends x
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    Copy of Animal Active Go For it

    Has anyone got a copy of the animal active go for it please?
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    Help required !

    Do you think I'm best asking district commissioner if we are able to wear them ?
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    Help required !

    Hi All Im after some help. We are looking to buy our Rainbow unit some Neckers, and after much search it appears the conversation isnt readily talked about. However at GGNE Day we saw alot of rainbows with neckers. Am i correct in thinking that the girls are allowed to wear them for...
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    Information: 'Pen Pal' unit wanted for a postcard exchange

    hello just saw this post! We are a Guiding unit in Newcastle upon Tyne and would love to do something like is. Unfortunately i have only 12 Guides at present. Would this be something you are still wanting to do? If you have already done this thats ok. Many thanks for your help.
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    1st week back

    Hey guys just wondering what everyone has planned for the first week back! I am struggled to high the heaven to think of what to do ! I was thinking of maybe doing a badge, but any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks :D
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    New Rainbow Unit

    Absolutely love the idea of the time capsule and also the table cloth!! going to give that a go maybe in the third week, and keep adding to it. thank you <3
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    Hello just introducing myself

    Welcome x and have fun
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    New to Guiders

    Welcome :)
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    New Rainbow Unit

    Awesome ty :) going to put together a term plan and take it from there. It's just the first initial start meeting as I'm a brownie /guide leader in a established unit x