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    DIY Challenge Badge

    Thank you. I have taken your comments on board, please find attached the challenge with a new version of the badge. NOTE: I have also edited the original post file, so that people coming onto the thread have the correct version straight to hand, this does mean however that people reading the...
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    DIY Challenge Badge

    1st Penparcau Brownies are pleased to launch their DIY Challenge badge. Designed for doing as a unit we have a whole host of great activities for Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Senior Section and adults to develop skills in using a variety of tools and complete a DIY project of their choice.
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    my necker is ....

    My necker is being sat on by my bunny rabbit, who seems to like it.
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    Grants for camp equipment

    Awards for all
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    Big Gig 2015

    Any dates or locations for this announced yet? We have quite a few options for a residential weekend for the Guides next year and several girls have mentioned they would like to go to the Big Gig again, so I am trying to get a list together of all the possibility for them to vote from as...
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    Scottish referendum

    It's quite interesting seeing how it is covered across the UK - here in Wales we seem to have quite a bit of it on our regional news - Mainly because there's a proportion of people in Wales wanting independence, so either outcome of the Scottish referendum impacts that - whether Scotland vote...
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    Information: Cleaned out my badge box

    Tbh you'd be better off using ebay for both rainbow triangles, they are sort after at the moment and go for between £20 and £30 depending on version.
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    Brownie Badges for Sale

    Down to the last few.
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    New bag

    Yes, there have been several for branding reasons who have been told they cannot sell them and must destroy all stocks, plus two recently because of their similarity in style to the old Brownie and Guide interest badges which are meant to be destroyed by the person who produced them but also...
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    New bag

    Hahaha no but there was a badge recently that everyone is meant to have destroyed and there was an event in 2012 that hoodies were produced for on a national scale which were then not allowed to be used so you can quite easily end up with items which you then *technically* can't use!
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    New bag

    I was planning on getting one too, but doesn't it contravene logo/merchandise guidelines? Don't want to get one and then be told I can't use it by the logo/badge police?!
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    Hi All I know the next Intercamp is in Poland next May and things will be different from camp to camp as it is held in a different location each year, but I was wondering whether anyone had been before who could give me their thoughts on the previous Intercamp(s)? Many Thanks Jennifer
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    Home Hospitality

    Does anyone know if there is any official guidance on home hospitality after international camps anywhere? A quick search doesn't bring anything up online so I thought I'd ask here in case I'd missed it somewhere before I e-mail CHQ. Thanks
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    Thoughts on Leader Uniform Guidelines

    The most recent quartered dark and light blue one has the new trefoil on it.
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    Manual Updates

    Glad that they've put the note at the bottom! Otherwise I could see the next Daily Fail headline being 'Guides ban water fights'.
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    Happy Owlidays Challenge

    I'd love to order a couple - how much are they?
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    Brownie Uniform Guidelines

    At the same time as we got adventure books we got drawstring bags for them and asked that any 'unofficial'/fun badges get sewn onto there, particularly with the large number of BBB badges the girls have received. They look really nice on there, so I would recommend it.
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    Guide stripy top and hoodies wanted please

    Given the response from many girls and leaders I'm not sure they are going to be the odd ones out, at least for the next 2 years!
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    Question? Funding a rainbow trip !!!

    Awards for All are always a great help for us, this year alone they have funded much of our Big Brownie Birthday trip, a Guide trip to Arden in Warwickshire and we've just received approval for a District Weekend for all sections. http://www.biglotteryfund.org.uk/funding/Awards-For-All Mind...
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    A Thorny Question

    Interesting to note the scouts are doing the same. I think it's a great leap forward in terms of gay pride and I agree with Girlguiding supporting it in many ways, but like you have misgivings, particularly with regards to the publicity it is going to raise; no doubt by the time the Daily Fail...