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    Secular Brownie Song and Taps?

    Here's my alternative to the words of Brownie Bells - Evening has come, Our meeting's done. To everyone, Thanks for the fun. Goodnight. I like the suggestion above of "to be ourselves" instead of "to love our God" for the Brownie song.
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    Non-Uniform unit garments

    Isn't part of the problem, the fact that girls just don't like the new uniform? For example - Contact Us / News - 2nd Kingsbridge Guides The unit hoodies I've seen tend to be navy blue (or black) and quite plain. Girls of guide age are changing physically and maybe don't want to wear bright...
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    Question? Crafts with Wool ideas

    How about teaching them finger knitting? We did this with Brownies recently and it was a big hit. Once they'd got the hang, they made bracelets, necklaces and (particularly cool) headbands. Here's a wiki article, also try youtube for lots of videos How to Finger Knit
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    Can I do module 1 with one section + other modules wth another?

    Thanks browniebeth :). That's what I was hoping. Think I'll leave the Rainbows Module 1 for a bit though - there seems more than enough to do with just the Brownies ...
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    Can I do module 1 with one section + other modules wth another?

    Hi all, please can you advise - I'm doing my LQ with Brownies but I'm also LiT with Rainbows. Most of Module 1 is signed off now and I should be able to get to the end of it - but frankly I'm not getting a lot of support with it from the LiC, whereas the Rainbows LiC is a lot more helpful...