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  1. KatieF

    Question? Sashes?

    Hi, our unit wants to bring back sashes as an optional extra. We're guides, by the way. Does anyone know where we can source them from? We'd need about 30! Thanks!
  2. KatieF

    Getting my head around BP challenge, moving on up and Young Leader's Qualification.

    Hi everyone, at our leaders' meeting last night, I signed myself up to help with the older Guides and all the YL's and young adult leaders. I don't have a lot of experience on this, so can anyone point me in the direction of where I can find out more about the following: - BP award -...
  3. KatieF

    Slight moral dialemma

    Hi everyone, I fear I may be shot down for this, but I'd like your opinions anyway. Apologies in advance! I've not been feeling 100% over the last couple of days, including 3 hours fighting a headache last night. I have also been helping with a friend's unit, as they need an extra body...
  4. KatieF

    Guiding related treats?

    Hi everyone, We have 'treat Friday' at work, and my turn on the rota is Thinking Day. Does anyone have any Guiding related recipes I could try? My work is Guiding related, so it would be nice. I'll be wearing my uniform too, of course! Thanks!
  5. KatieF

    Question? Non-leadership roles

    Hi, I've been in a new town a while now, and would like to get back into Guiding. I'm helping with my friend's unit at the moment, which is great and is helping me to keep my foot in the door. However, I would like to try a non-leadership role too. I've contacted the local DC, but I...
  6. KatieF

    Anglia - Dedication of the Region Standard, 2 Feb 2013

    Hi, is anyone else going to this? I've been asked to be in the colour party for our standard! Only thing is, my mum would like to go and she doesn't have a unit. Does anyone know if she can go by herself?
  7. KatieF

    I've done it!!!

    Well, according to GO! I was officially awarded my Queen's Guide on 6th November 2012! I just want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone on this forum for all your help and support. :)
  8. KatieF

    Question? Thank you presents for leaders

    Hi, I'm leaving my unit in about a month for a new job. I want to get some thank you presents for my DCs and UHs. I thought of the 'Keep Calm' range but it might not be appropriate seeing as I'm leaving the group without a leader (please don't flame me about that, I am already feeling really...
  9. KatieF

    Moving to Derby!!

    Hello peeps! i'm moving to Derby next month. Any hints or tips very much welcome :)
  10. KatieF

    Question? Coming for the day

    Hi, I live within walking distance from the campsite. Any chance I could come for the day?! :)
  11. KatieF

    Question? Getting away from Guiding - meeting new people

    Hi, I think I have asked this before, but I feel a bit lost and need some advice. I have been spending too much time doing Guiding things over the past year or so, to the extend that I don't really do anything else (I just don't have the time!). I feel a bit lonely, and would like to meet...
  12. KatieF

    Shopping for stationery

    Hi everyone, Random question... we are looking to restock our supplies in things such as felt tip pens, pencils etc. Anyone have any tips about where we can get them? Ideally online, I don't have a lot of shopping at the moment! Thanks, Katie :)
  13. KatieF

    Six without a Sixer

    Hi, so this is a slightly odd question, but... do you think that you can have a Six without a Sixer? The situation is this: we have always gone on the default 'oldest is Sixer' routine. However, I feel it should be a position to be earned, not given. One of our girls really played up on...
  14. KatieF

    Question? Length of service- Community Action

    Hi, I've been doing my Community Action for nearly a year- it's every other month. I may need to swap my last shift around due to another Brownie event. However, it would mean that I would finish a week before my year-long target. Will this be a problem? Thanks, Katie
  15. KatieF

    Question? Song before bed?

    Hi, does anyone have a song just before the girls go to bed, to wind them down? If so, which ones do you use? we would like to have something, just to mark the end of the day. It's Brownies, so we can't use Taps (well, I think we can, but it is a Guide song!) Thanks :)
  16. KatieF

    'Unsung' Britain - display for international event (plus some other questions!)

    Hi everyone, I've just my details through for my trip to Sangam in just under a month's time. I'm so excited! One of the evenings is going to be an international evening, where we have to share information about our country. I've decided to do 'unsung Britain' - I thought with all the focus...
  17. KatieF

    Question? Challenge for local history

    Hi, Our district has decided to do a scrapbook, based on one which was found from 1928. They want to link it to the Brownie Cententary (not until 2014, I know, but they're planning). Does anyone know a badge or a challenge which we can link this to, please? Thanks a lot :)
  18. KatieF

    Urgent! Anyone know any male students in Bristol?!

    Hi, this is a slightly odd request, but does anyone know any male students in Bristol? Basically, we are looking for a waiter at short notice (i.e. tomorrow...) to serve at my friend's hen night after someone pulled out. PM me if you know of anyone... and thanks in advance!
  19. KatieF

    Urgent! Placemats for International Themed Pack Holiday

    Hi, sorry for the slightly urgent request, but this is the last week we have free at Brownies to deal with this. We are going on a round the world/international themed Pack Holiday in September, and I just realised I haven't organised the placemats for it. Does anyone have any easy suggestions...
  20. KatieF

    Friendship bracelets for Sangam

    Hi, a while ago I posted information about the Sangam Friendship project, where Sangam have asked for friendship bracelets for them to sell. Looking at where they've come from, I'm guessing some of you have done it already! Full details here...