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  1. KatieF

    Question? Community action

    I thought they had to be linked - the research building on the practical. It makes your life easier, as you only have one thing to think about! I may very well be wrong though... Good luck!
  2. KatieF

    Question? Sashes?

    Good idea, have done this :)
  3. KatieF

    Question? Sashes?

    Hi everyone, Thanks for the help/feedback! We're bringing them back because we would like somewhere for the girls to show their badges. Many of our parents don't want to sew them onto their gilets, as they don't want to spoil their uniform. Thanks for the idea about making them - I...
  4. KatieF

    Gift for retiring guider

    We contacted everyone in the district when our BO retired about 2 yrs ago. Everyone who wanted to then wrote a page which we stuck together to make a scrap book. Some did it as a unit, some as an individual, some were long, others short. Word got round and we got them from all over. It made her...
  5. KatieF

    Question? Sashes?

    Hi, our unit wants to bring back sashes as an optional extra. We're guides, by the way. Does anyone know where we can source them from? We'd need about 30! Thanks!
  6. KatieF

    Getting my head around BP challenge, moving on up and Young Leader's Qualification.

    Hi everyone, at our leaders' meeting last night, I signed myself up to help with the older Guides and all the YL's and young adult leaders. I don't have a lot of experience on this, so can anyone point me in the direction of where I can find out more about the following: - BP award -...
  7. KatieF

    East Harling Guide Unit

    Please please PLEASE SAY it's still running!! This is the Guide unit where I started and am now a very proud QG :) Woodley- I've PM'd you
  8. KatieF

    Slight moral dialemma

    Hi everyone, I fear I may be shot down for this, but I'd like your opinions anyway. Apologies in advance! I've not been feeling 100% over the last couple of days, including 3 hours fighting a headache last night. I have also been helping with a friend's unit, as they need an extra body...
  9. KatieF

    Happy World Thinking Day

    Happy Thinking Day everyone! Go out there and change the world.
  10. KatieF

    Guiding related treats?

    Hi everyone, We have 'treat Friday' at work, and my turn on the rota is Thinking Day. Does anyone have any Guiding related recipes I could try? My work is Guiding related, so it would be nice. I'll be wearing my uniform too, of course! Thanks!
  11. KatieF

    Question? Non-leadership roles

    Sorry, should have made that clear - I'm now in Derby. My friend's unit is in a different district to me, so I don't think she would be able to help with the DC. I would like to do something admin- related, or perhaps just being an extra body for something.
  12. KatieF

    Question? Non-leadership roles

    Hi, I've been in a new town a while now, and would like to get back into Guiding. I'm helping with my friend's unit at the moment, which is great and is helping me to keep my foot in the door. However, I would like to try a non-leadership role too. I've contacted the local DC, but I...
  13. KatieF

    Flexible guiding - New Saturday unit

    We did a similar thing at my old unit - we met once a month from 9.30 to 12.30. It wasn't long enough to do everything to cover the GFIs and badges, but you got them if you came every time. If you missed one, tough - they were told at the start that badges would not be awarded if not fully...
  14. KatieF

    Secret Santa. Thanks and what you got

    Thank you to my SS - got a load of hand products, which is good because my nails need a bit of TLC :)
  15. KatieF

    Anglia - Dedication of the Region Standard, 2 Feb 2013

    Look out for me then, also getting my QG presented at the same time!
  16. KatieF

    Secret Santa 2012

    Hi, sorry I know this is the wrong thread, but I can't find the right one! Are the badges still available? If so, could I order 1 please? Thanks! Hope you're all looking forward to opening them as much as I am, thanks LanaJay once again for organising :)
  17. KatieF

    Question? How many diaries do you have a year and why?

    Do journals count? In which case I have 3, plus my phone...
  18. KatieF

    Great hoodie from Anglia!

    My small is quite big on me (in a good way)
  19. KatieF

    Secret Santa 2012

    Mine arrived at home yesterday - it confused my mum somewhat but she must have done the necessary shake test, because she said it rattles! Hope it's not breakable... Thank you to my secret santa - only a week to go now!! :)
  20. KatieF

    Great hoodie from Anglia!

    There was a purple version, which has been around for a while. I love mine though, wouldn't be without it!!