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  1. RainbowGem

    Big badge box clear out - selling really cheap to get rid!!!!

    What have you got left? Any duck ones at all? Could I just have a few of the 10p ones for my swaps box please? Thanks
  2. RainbowGem


    ME! I am Live it and will have my BBB necker with unit name tapes on it :) Can't wait to meet you all :)
  3. RainbowGem

    Wings 2014

    Casoline - I didn't go, but look forward to meeting you :) I am really excited about it! Can you bring badges to swap a I would love to swap with you when we meet!
  4. RainbowGem

    international camps....

    WINGS 2014 are looking for staff still too http://www.wings2014.org.uk/rolesavailable/
  5. RainbowGem

    Best way to send PDF forms out

    Use a free app like CutePDF writer, download it and then go to print on the document and change the printer to CutePDF and it will spit out a pdf I think litepdf is also good :)
  6. RainbowGem

    Best way to send PDF forms out

    Print them to PDF first, then most people can view them - some people have problems with the editable PDF versions :)
  7. RainbowGem

    Wings 2014

    Yay!! Just payed :) This is keeping me sane through my finals right now, never been to such a large camp before, a real adventure for me :) When do the staff emails come out purpleturtle?
  8. RainbowGem


    Looking for swap ideas - what are the best swaps you have made/received?
  9. RainbowGem

    Wings 2014

    Thanks :) No I can't make the training day :( I have my finals in a few weeks time! I think I am on Live it zone at the minute :)
  10. RainbowGem

    Wings 2014

    Just decided to go to WINGS as staff, and am really excited!! How does the staff sub camp work?, does it matter that I don't know anyone else going? Is it worth taking swaps? Thanks :)
  11. RainbowGem

    guide bagdes for sale

    Are the metal pin badges £1.50 each?
  12. RainbowGem

    Your favourite resources

    What is your most used or favourite resource? and why :)
  13. RainbowGem

    First aid training in cambs/beds -help required

    Cambs East have a 2 hr training session coming up: http://cambseastguides.org.uk/ai1ec_event/1st-response-refresher-training/?instance_id=399 Hope that helps :)
  14. RainbowGem

    Question? Guiding mottos

    Looking for ideas to finish off a badge design - what is your favourite guiding motto?
  15. RainbowGem

    Ok need an update - what Roundabouts are available??

    Seasons is really good, our Rainbows are having so much fun with it :)
  16. RainbowGem

    Four Seasons Challenge Badges NEEDED!!

    I have seen some of these for sale on the Guiding Buy and Sell fb page I think - maybe worth a look Good luck!
  17. RainbowGem

    Question? Queens Guide - Exploration

    Hi It is a requirement of the QGA that you do your Going Away with licence to fit whatever you trip is, so if that is abroad then you need the international bit I think. Sorry - I am having similar issues!!
  18. RainbowGem

    Thinking day, cuddly animals and promises

    Any ideas?? The girls (Rainbows) chose a cuddly animal theme, but I want to tie it into thinking day - they wanted to bring along soft toy bunny rabbits etc.. HELP PLEASE!!
  19. RainbowGem

    spare tickets alexandra palace 23rd February

    Would love one adult ticket for the sunday if possible??
  20. RainbowGem

    Anglia 13 Challenge Badges for sale

    Hey, I have 3 left if you would like them?