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  1. laurad82

    Private messages

    Those Meerkats were hilarious!!! Thanks for making me feel loved again :D
  2. laurad82

    Private messages

    Where did we leave the G-Unit last time??? It's been ages. I fancy a road trip across Europe.....
  3. laurad82

    Private messages

    I'm unloved....... :(
  4. laurad82

    Uh Oh - saw this on the Daily Fail

    Just goes to show how open and accessible Facebook and guiders are to non members!!! Some of the comments I've seen have been so rude and generally not nice! It doesn't send out a good message to the general public! I can imagine that some of the comments will have put off potential new...
  5. laurad82

    I'm a Guider.........part 57

    Eek have a fabulous time Kirstee x
  6. laurad82

    Brownie Holiday house needed!

    Jenny if you fancy going slightly further north to Sunderland I can recommend west moor scout campsite, at Whitburn. (Don't know where your based tho) Their indoor accommodation is fantastic. Our guides when I was in Newcastle camped there and our brownies used the indoor. There's a washing...
  7. laurad82

    Train travel in Switzerland

    Katie have you spoke to Lynda and Ollie as they stayed at Interlaken!!! I went last year on my Europe tour we stayed at Grindawold (?sp). But we got massive group discounts on our tickets up Jungfrau!!! It's amazing. I loved Switzerland it's so beautiful. Interlaken is lovely too.
  8. laurad82

    Tips for flying on my own!

    Kirstee I'm sure you'll be fine! Just don't do what I did when I went to Slovakia and leave your purse, boarding pass and mobile at home!!! I stood in the middle of Newcastle Central and cried as I couldn't get my train tickets from the machine to get to Edinburgh!!! Lol luckily I had my...
  9. laurad82

    Mental Health QG questionnaire

    Done...…………… x
  10. laurad82

    Loom bands - anyone tried it with Rainbows?

    They're all over atm. Poundland and the work all have them, but I'm unsure if there's a quality difference, from buying more expensive ones. (As in the cheaper ones always braking)
  11. laurad82

    Camp theme

    I've done a back to basics camp with 2 previous units and it went down very well. They ended up with their traditions of guiding badges and outdoor cooks:) We even borrowed an Icelandic Tent from the site and got the girls to help put it up. They loved it and wanted to sleep in it:)
  12. laurad82

    Centre for Life

    Yeah I went to the Centre for Life with my guides when I was in Newcastle. I agree it was fab! There was a Wallace and Grommet exhibition on. The Discovery museum is also worth a visit. We went, as part of I think it was a division event during the centenary and it was great. The kids loved it...
  13. laurad82

    Laundry help

    Stain Devil that's it Orly! Couldn't remember the name of it!!! They're good. Glad you seem to have saved most of your washing :)
  14. laurad82

    Laundry help

    Oh there's something my mum uses for things like this and I can't remember the name. Dr Stain or Dylon or something. It's in a small bottle and you can get different ones for certain stains. There's definitely something for ink but not sure if does permanent ink. Mums away on a scout weekend...
  15. laurad82

    How to set up a new Facebook account for a Guide group

    I set up my mums scout group's FB. Initially we did it as a secret group, but we found that parents couldn't search for it and if we didn't have all their email addresses then we couldn't add them either. We settle for a closed group, so parents could search and request, but one of the admins...
  16. laurad82

    Crazy how time flies

    Hahaha Sandra I remember one Christmas when I was young probably about the same age as your son. My Mum said to my older Brother Scott go and stick the kettle on and there was 3 bikes!!! Think they just had bows tide on!!!
  17. laurad82

    Potions lessons

    How about the ice cream in a bag thing. It's on here in the downloads section.
  18. laurad82

    Challenge Pack Guidelines

    Should be stuck now. Couldn't see on my iPad if it had already been done. I Agree this is probably a useful thread. Will make it easier for people to find:) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  19. laurad82

    Contacting website admin

    Hi I'm sorry about the delay in someone getting back to you. This has now been flagged up on the mod panel, so hopefully someone will be in touch soon.
  20. laurad82

    ALQ question

    I started mine back home in Lancashire and finished it off when I moved to Newcastle. Just keep a note and any evidence you need for it and remember there's no major rush. Good luck:) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk