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  1. laurad82

    Question? Anyone clued up on passports?

    Ok so my passport runs out next April. I'm planning a weekend in Amsterdam with a friend in Early November, via ferry and possibly have a week visit to fly out to Slovakia end of November to visit a friend who lives there (she's Slovak). Do I need to renew my passport? I'm getting conflicting...
  2. laurad82

    Healthy Lunch/Tea ideas please:)

    Ok so I'm just back from WW and its not a good result. I don't think it's helped with the stress and upset I've had at work and with changing jobs. But if I'm honest I've not done it properly since before my hols. It's time to get back on track. The thing is I'm getting bored with what I'm...
  3. laurad82


    As some of you are aware one of our young members, jigsaw, sadly lost her battle against Cancer on 20th April. Many members of the forum knew Jigsaw personally and were friends with her outside the forum and some worked with Jigsaw as in guiding units too. We would like to provide an...
  4. laurad82

    Information: Re Brand Thread

    I have moved the Re brand thread into the Moderator section, while we discuss the thread and delete any necessary posts. Please bare with us for a few days while we discuss it and edit it. I'm sure we will reinstate it in a few days once we are satisfied. Thank you Laura
  5. laurad82


    Is anyone going? 27th July - 3rd Aug 2013, £190 for the week catered! It's at settle North Yorks. I fancy going as a leader without my unit. Just wondered if anyone else was going. Looks like it will be a good week and leaders get to join in on activities (obviously on the days your not...
  6. laurad82

    Calling the cleaver technical people:)

    Sorry maybe a daft question. But if I download a book via iTunes is there a way of transferring it onto my Kindle? If so can you please tell me how to do it? Starbucks free book this week is Life of Pi which I'd like to read, but I get headaches reading from my iPhone and don't with my kindle...
  7. laurad82

    WII games for a 5 year old

    Hi I'm after my fellow guiders opinions and suggestions please. My 5 year old nephew is getting a WII for Xmas so was thinking of getting him a game but not sure what. The WII he's getting has a mario game with it but I'm not sure which one, which doesn't help as there's loads of mario games...
  8. laurad82


    Ok I'm just posting as a warning really. One of my good friends Facebook has been hacked by some complete utter **** and they're posting quite rude and obnoxious stuff. Anyway I've texted my friend to let her know. Just thought it was worth letting people know to be careful about what they're...
  9. laurad82

    Question? Girl Guiding Wellies!

    Ok who has the Wellies? Can anyone let me know how they are around the calf? Are they narrow or generous? I normally love my walking boots, but with all this wet weather we seem to be getting I'm considering Wellies and think the GGUK look pretty:-) Thank you muchly:-)
  10. laurad82

    ideas and suggestions please.

    Hi guys I'm hoping you will be able to help me come up with some ideas and suggestions on self-esteen and confidence (and the other related areas). While I was at summer camp with the Guides I overheard a few various conversations. A few guides were talking about someone they knew with...
  11. laurad82

    Question? Camp Oven!

    Just a quick question. Currently on summer camp with guides and we are going to try and make a camp oven. Has anyone tried it? What's the best/easiest way? I was thinking big cardboard box covered in tinfoil or GIC said when she has done it she's used a cake tin with an alter fire. Any...
  12. laurad82

    Question? Pettypool

    It's a quick question. We are going to Pettypool for Summer camp and want to take the Guides into Chester for the day does anyone know of buses which run by the campsite? We've found a bus that goes into Northwhich but we aren't sure what's there and would rather go into Chester. Thanks Ladies...
  13. laurad82

    Question? Pax Lodge and CHQ

    This maybe a bit of a daft question. I'm going to be in London in a few weeks time, visiting a friend, and I think I am going to have sometime to myself, as my fr5iend can't get the Friday off work. I was thinking of going and visiting Pax. If I go just to visit and not stay will that be ok? Or...
  14. laurad82

    Question? Anyone wear contact lenses?

    As the title says really! I have about 6 maybe 7 bottles of unopened all purpose contact lens solution (specsavers) going if anyone wants some. It's also ok to use this one as a comfort drop too, but it's a little messy cos of the big bottle. I don't wear mine too much cos of my hayfever and...
  15. laurad82

    Up High 15 - 17 June - North West England

    Just wondered who has had a look at some of the events going on. Is anyone going to attend anything? Lancs North West haven't sorted anything yet as far as I'm aware but have seen a couple of things, which I quite fancy. I think I fancied going on one of the walks or there was something in...
  16. laurad82

    Question? Bag Packing

    Hi just a quick question please. We are taking our Guides on Summer camp this Summer and will be needing to hire a coach. I suggested to GIC about us doing some bag packing. Does anyone know who it is we write to? is it the manager of our local store or do you need to write to head office? What...
  17. laurad82

    Question? London Accommodation/Things to do/see/places to eat?????

    Hey everyone:) Sorry I know this is very OT, but I'm looking for some cheap accommodation in London and wondered if anyone can suggest anywhere! I've looked at Premier Inn but the price is way out of our budget. I've also looked at a few YH's and seen some that look ok. This is for myself and a...
  18. laurad82

    Question? Leaders Sleeping Arrangements.

    *POSTED ON BEHALF OF ANON* I have a query about leaders sleeping arrangements on a Brownie sleepover. I'm taking the girls to a venue that has a leaders room and a girls room, but we have 6 leaders and only 4beds in the leaders room. We wont fill all of the girls beds so could we block off...
  19. laurad82

    Information: Lidl - craft stuff

    I was in Lidl today and I noticed a fair bit of craft stuff in there! There were boxes with them little funky hole punches in with various designs. Various coloured wool, nothing fancy but certainly good enough for crafts or if your teaching the kids knitting. There were craft boxes with card...
  20. laurad82

    Urgent! CRB Question

    Sorry I know this is very OT. I have a job interview tomorrow and I have to take some stuff for my CRB. I'm having issues finding stuff with my address on. I know it's usually a bank statement and a utility bill. But having recently moved back to Lancs all my stuff has my Newcastle address on. I...