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  1. Pixielation

    Does anyone have Skills Builder Camp - stage 3

    I am trying to plan an activity day, and am wondering how much of it is designed to be done outside in the wild, and how much is actually indoor work. I can't get into town to buy it until next week, so it's very hard to plan blind. Can anyone fill me in on what it entails, and the time taken...
  2. Pixielation

    Form weirdness

    Has anyone else had this problem? iPads, iphones or any mobile device not showing any of the filled in fields in a consent form? I recently sent my brownies a health form which was already filled in with details such as the event name, first aider name, and medicines that might be used...
  3. Pixielation

    Does anyone have an old style Adventure On badge they'd want to sell?

    I have three older Brownies who all have the original Adventure badge. They've now completed the Adventure On criteria, but I want to give them the old style badge to match their first one. I had one left, then I bought the last one from our local depot, and now I just need one more to make three!
  4. Pixielation

    Free Being Me

    We started doing the Free Being Me global badge at Brownies tonight. Has anyone else done anything with it?
  5. Pixielation

    Just thought I'd share my "pow wow" voting sheet!

    This is what I've created for both my units (different versions for each though) to help us decide what we'll be doing this term. My keen hope is that they both go for toymaker and entertainer, because then we can do lots of puppet show related things for some of them! I don't know if it's...
  6. Pixielation

    It's me...

    Hello all, I've lurked about, read the stickys and memorised the rules (well, maybe) and now I'm introducing myself to you all! I'm a new brownie leader, Currently a tawny owl, but brown owl is taking next term off to take care of the impending owlet she's growing, so I'll be running the unit...