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    Guiders.co.uk Neckers!

    me too if its not too late thanks
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    Official Info: G2G5 Activities Sign Up

    Hi sorry its a bit late in replying please can i do flu flu archery thanks
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    I have the new Guiders Zip hoodie!

    dont tumble dry itor wash it on a high temp my daughter had the zip up hoodie (she is a guide) and within the first few months it was misshapen and faded! the zip also buckles realy easily! that is a guide one though hopefully the guider ones are a bit different please let me know how you get...
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    Hi didely ho neighboureno

    HELLO! Im an assistant guide guider in Edinburgh, mad monkeys skivey! Did Brownies and Rainbows in the past but im thinking Guides is more fun!!!! OHHHH YESSSS (like the churchill dog lol)